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20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years


20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

Last updated: January 21 2012
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  • 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

    This is about "Bangalore 2031 Vision Document

    Most of u are all 20 somethings and planning to buy property with an idea to resell it for profit after 10 years or after 20 years. Many of u are of course, making your first purchase, with an intention to stay as a resident on the property, rent it out till u yourself move into it, or to build on the plot you have bought.

    This post is for those who are hesitating to buy anywhere and everywhere in Bangalore and for those who do not believe that Bangalore can grow more. This post is for those who think that the large swathes of land, the large land parcels lying vacant, uninhabited all over Blore will stay as empty parcels of land for the next 100 years too.

    This post is for those who think and believe that Bangalore is already bursting at its seams and there is no way it can grow further.

    This post is for those who are afraid to buy plots or apartments, villas anywhere in Bangalore just because that area is currently unliveable, because they think no dumb fool will ever build a Mall or commercial complex there, even though they themselves have plans to build a house there on that plot, only after 20 years.

    This post is for those who think suburbs and outskirts like Hoskote, Doddaballapur road, Chandapura, Anekal, Attibele, Sarjapura Town, Bidadi, Kanakapura, Sathanur, the other end of Devanahalli, Ramanagaram, Solur, Nandagudi etc etc and a 100 more currently undeveloped areas will stay that way - totally uninhabited till World War III breaks out, till a Nuclear Bomb is dropped on India by China or Pakistan and India is blasted into oblivion, the obituary of India as a Nation is written on the Moon and till India faces Armageddon and Apocalypse Now.

    To drive a sense of sanity and sensibility into such disbelievers, detractors, skeptics, cynics, critics, naysayers - the Government of Karnataka has prepared a massive 346 page Vision Document with a Road Map of where Bangalore should be, in the year 2031. The Result of this Vision Document is all around you to see with your own eyes - the Ring Roads and New Flyovers, the many new Underpasses, the Metro Train, the Mono Rail proposed/planned, the proposed: "STRR, the IRR, the PRR" etc. etc. which of course have yet to start. Even the NICE Road is because of a similar Vision Document 2015 that the government had prepared in 1996. It is not that some Politician suddenly went mad in the middle of the night and the next day, he created the NICE Road.

    I have a copy of that document with me.

    In the year 2031, most of you will all be just 40 somethings - if you are 20 somethings now.

    If you - the reader of this post of mine - if you believe that you should plan your property purchase 10 or 20 years in advance to make wealth or to see some magnificent price appreciation in the property value - if you believe that u should leave a legacy behind - for your children - before u die - then you MUST read this document. Try to decode what I have written here if u want to collect this report from me. Of course it is available freely from me. No charges. Write to.... a a 3 b 3 c 3 < a t > g m a i l d o t c o m. If you dont read this 2031 Vision Document now when available in 2012 ---- to make some real good real estate assets for your children and future generation, then your kids will have to read the 2051 Vision Document that will be published in the year 2031 -- to buy property in Doddaballapur or near Nandi Hills or Ramanagaram or Bidadi - because by then, even Kanakapura, Attibele, Chandapur, Anekal, Sarjapur Town, Devanahalli plots will be selling at 3500-4000 per sq.ft - the places where even GOD is fearing to tread now - the places where you dont want to buy now when available cheaply at 1200-1500 per sq.ft.

    This 2031 Report is a massive 20 MB pdf file.

    Those who read these kind of documents TODAY are the ones who will make real money, real wealth, real assets of the Concrete Kind - from Real Estate, Land and Building and can retire by 2035-2040 by the time you are 50-55 - retire as a rich and wealthy man atleast at 50-55 age.

    Real Estate Developers and Builders read these kind of Vision Documents prepared by State Governments all over India, 20 years in advance. That is how they know where to buy, 2 decades in advance before you and me. That is how they all have such huge land parcels of 100 acres or 300, 500 acres all over Bangalore. They get hold of such DOX with the connections they have in the right place at the right time.

    When the first such Vision Document for 2005 was made by the Government, it was made in 1995. That is, 10 years in advance, the Road Map till 2005 was made Public in 1995 itself. But the common man is always only busy blaming the goverment, making fun of it and asking "When, when will they build the flyover - in 2075? After I am dead? For my grandchildren?".

    As usual, since Builders and Developers are always smarter than the common man, they read this 2005 Report and went giggling, chuckling, laughing all around Bangalore and brought land all over Bangalore on the outskirts at 30,000 Rupees per acre - because they knew very well then that Techies would buy it back from them at 4500 per sq.ft. in the shape of Apartments Bulit-up-area. Many of you are not even aware that BDA itself was constituted only as recently as in 1976. Before that, BDA did not even exist, just like how BBMP did not exist a few years ago.

    Today, the same smart Builders and Developers are busy reading the 2031 Vision Document and planning their next move: "Where next to buy the next 1000 acres for the year 2025-2031 ?"

    As usual, when Sobha, Prestige, DLF, Unitech, Nitesh Estates, Puravankara or Mantri offer a Luxury Apartment at 4500 per sq.ft. in the year 2035 in Attibele or Kanakapura or Anekal or near Nandi Hills, then everyone will fall head over heals to buy it there. Because if u are just 20+ today, you will still be just 40+ in 2035, still young, still earning a hefty salary with some more years to go before you retire and you will see Malls, big wide roads, commercial developments, hospitals, schools mushrooming all around you in those "currently god forbidden places".

    Think like a Builder. Think like a Developer. Buy it now and hold it for 20 years. And make profit for yourself after 20 years. Not the other way round. Not help the Builder to profit after 20 years by buying it from him.

    To buy it now and hold for 20 years, you have to read this 2031 Vision Document.

    Because the Builder is reading the same document now.

    Because the Developer is reading the same document now.

    And you want to be left behind, as usual???
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    Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

    Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for the info. Just want to know your thoughts on investing on Agriculture lands in doddabaalapur taluk. As you mentioned dodaballapur in 2031 plan. buying 1-2 acres of agriculture land 20 kms from doddaballapur town .Please share your thoughts whether this is useful for investment for long term returns.

    Thanks for the inputs on 2031 Plan.



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      Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

      Hi Ravi,

      Thanks yet again for this useful post. I completley agree with you and your thought process. Is there a way i could get a copy of the doc, pls?



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        Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

        Nice article Mr. Ravikanth.. I am a late entry into the forum. So not sure if you are a real estate developer, builder, broker or a good samaritan helping people invest in areas where you want them to invest.

        You say that in 2035, the price in the far flung areas will be 3500-4000 rs per sft. The current price is 1200-1500 per sft. If I taking the compounding calculator, that is a increase of 4% every year. Why take so much tension investing when you can get 10% in a FD and a 1500 rs today will become 13,000 in 2035.

        Just like Mutual funds disclaimer that they are subject to market risk, similarly there is a risk with the investment in Real estate. Just blindly investing today and hoping for future growth is foolhardy. I can given you instances where people have bought at Rs 1200 in 2007 in the outskirts and today there are no takers at 900 rs. In others cases, the investors have been cheated completely. For your reference - Consumer court cases against Aishwarya Group / Presidency Group « Aishwarya / Presidency Group Fooled Investors

        Past performance is no indicator of future results. If you have read the Economic times, large cap companies have given negative returns in 4 years (a considerably long time frame).

        People should invest based on their capacity to withstand the losses. Investment always means money over and above what you need for your normal life. It should not become a avenue for Greed.


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          Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

          Stop researching property prices - Research the research papers

          Why u should read the Government's Research Report titled:

          "288 pages BBMP Revised CDP 2011".

          Most of u on the Forum here, look at Bangalore just like u look at any other city in India. Many on the Forum here I feel, do not know how to analyse or visualize the real full potential of Bangalore as a growing city or as the Real Destination of many in India.

          When we think of a city like Bangalore which has tremendous potential to explode even more than what it has already proved, one has to look at its geographic and demographic strengths, to understand how much more Bangalore as a city can actually deliver for a growth-hungry nation, how much more it can truly exploit to contribute to the GDP growth of the country.

          Without delving too much into its weaknesses as a city, without really probing deep into the corrupt leaders at the helm of affairs since India's Independence till today, without whipping the disorganized BDA or the inefficient BBMP or the indefatigable officials occupying the seats of power in various departments, let us dissect and find out the true hidden supremacy of the city over other contenders in its ability to grow taller and stronger as the unchallenged Silicon Valley of Asia. Let’s analyse Bangalore scientifically, rather than on emotions and pure speculation or hearsay.

          Let us study some true facts and figures and understand whether Bangalore will prove to be India’s Crowning Glory or Karnataka’s Hare or Tortoise.

          The 2011 population census of India says that India’s population in 2011 was 1,21,01,93,422 ie., 121 crore Indians.

          It also says that Karnataka’s population is 6,11,30,704 (6.1 crore) and that Bangalore’s population is:

          Urban Bangalore: 95,88,910
          Rural Bangalore: 9,87,257

          So, in other words, u can say the population of Bangalore city is 95,88,910 ie., 95 lacs in 2011, at a kissing distance of 1 crore population.

          In sharp contrast, the 2001 census said Bangalore’s population was only 61 lacs.

          Bangalore recorded a decadal growth of 35.09% during the period 1991-2001. Decadal growth means the “growth seen in one decade” compared to the previous decade’s population. In other words, to make it simple, the population was 35.09% more in 2001 than when compared to the population of 1991. In just 10 years, it accommodated 35.09% more people.

          Between 2001 to 2011, the population exploded from 61 lacs of 2001 to 95 lacs of 2011. The decadal growth this time is over 46.68% during the period 2001-2011.

          The below data is even more interesting to understand how Bangalore has been consistently bursting at its seams since 1901.

          The decadal growth in Bangalore’s population was
          8.47% in 1901-11,
          12.25% in 1911-21
          22.79% in 1921-31
          25.11% in 1931-41
          69.77% in 1941-51
          19.61% in 1951-61
          46.55% in 1961-71
          59.08% in 1971-81
          38.44% in 1981-91
          35.09% in 1991-2001
          46.68% in 2001-2011

          Now, with the above information, all of you should know why property prices have risen so madly in Bangalore during the last 10 years – as if Bangalore Realty was in an inebriated condition. Nobody could just control it since nobody could control the population explosion from 2001 to 2011.

          Karnataka is India’s 8th largest State with a landmass of 1,91,791 and Bangalore Urban plus Rural is 8005 Karnataka also has India’s 8th largest population among all Indian states.

          India as a nation has 32.88 lakh while 5.83% of that land mass is held by Karnataka.

          Bangalore is the fifth largest metropolitan city in India.

          (continued in the next page...)
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            Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

            288 Pages BBMP Revised CDP 2011 - Must Read Research Report

            (continued from previous page....)

            While Bangalore housed 2985 persons per in 2001 (what is called population density), it housed 4378 persons in 2011 in the same one area. In 2031, it is expected that the population density in Bangalore will be 9382 persons per – not only water, but even oxygen may be in short supply, to exaggerate a bit. What about land? The land mass is not expanding – correct? Only population is.

            While Karnataka is home to 5.05% of India’s population, Bangalore is home to 15.69% of Karnataka’s population in 2011. In 2001, Bangalore was home to only 12.37% of Karnataka’s population.

            In 2031, it is expected that Bangalore will be home to 20% of Karnataka’s population but land mass will still be only 5.83% of India’s 32.88 lakh

            It is so easy to imagine the situation. Just think about it like this. You were 4 persons in your 2 BHK house in 2011. You are 30 people in the same 2 bhk house in 2031. How will it be? Chaos.

            In 2001, Population Experts had estimated that Bangalore’s population would be 99.8 lacs in 2021 and 120 lacs in 2031 ie., close to 1 crore in 2021 and 1.20 crores in 2031. The figure that was estimated to be hit in 2021 has already been hit in 2011 itself – a full decade in advance, since now the 2011 census says that Bangalore’s population is already close to 96 lacs (exact figure is given above). They said Bangalore will be 99.8 lacs in 2021. One can only imagine what the population will be in 2021 or 2031 in Bangalore. The increasing educational and employment opportunities in Bangalore will only aggravate the situation and entice more and more people from all over India to make the city their home of choice, not to mention the growing, improving infrastructure in the city with Metro Train, Mono Rail, new flyovers, new underpasses, the BRTS planned, HSRL to airport, etc. etc. and above all - the city’s salubrious climate. Kerala has absolutely no employment opportunities while the weather in Chennai and Hyderabad is unbearable, everybody knows. So, if u want to make South India your home, what are u left with? Bangalore.

            Taking the above decadal growth (1961 to 2011) trend as an indicator, even if u give a conservative estimate of just 15% decadal growth till 2021 (rather than giving a highly ambitious 35% decadal growth till 2021 and another 35% till 2031), Bangalore should be 1.15 crore population in 2021. Add another 15% decadal growth, it should easily cross 1.30 crore population in 2031. This is to say that Bangalore is going to add another 34 lac population by 2031 to its current 96 lac population in 2011.

            If u have read my post in a separate thread titled “20 something now, planning for 20 years”, u will know how to reach me. If u have collected that 2031 Vision Document from me mentioned in that post and if u seriously intend to read that document, if u are planning your property purchases in Bangalore for the next 20 or 30 years or for your next generation (your children), then it is time for you to collect the next document from me titled “288 Pages BBMP Revised CDP 2011”.

            The above material in this post is all my own personal research and analysis work and the above was all completely written by me, Ravikanth. The above is all my personal opinion based on actual facts, figures and data. None of the above is any cut/paste or copy/paste job. However, if you the readers of the above post have found it useful, informative and educational, has inspired you to read more and get more knowledge about Bangalore and where it is headed, I have with me, another similar Research Work material written by the Former Director of Town Planning, Govt. of Karnataka, which if you all request me, I will upload it here for your benefit.

            An insight into what you will learn from those 288 pages is given below so that u will know that u should not waste your time researching property prices, but rather well spend your precious time researching the researched papers, to know where to invest, to know where to buy cheap now, when it is available cheaply now:

            (continued in the next page....)
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              Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

              (continued from the previous page....)

              An insight into what you will learn from those 288 pages is given below so that u will know that u should not waste your time researching property prices, but rather well spend your precious time researching the researched papers, to know where to invest, to know where to buy cheap now, when it is available cheaply now:

              Outer RING ROAD RE-ALIGNMENT. Stretch Length (in
              1 Elevated road along the University Road 2.5 kms
              2 Re-aligning ORR between Magadi Road and Pipe Line Road 1.9 kms
              3 Re-aligning ORR at Tumkur Road through CMTI 1.2 kms
              4 Re-aligning ORR from Kasturi Nagar to Mahadevapura along the Selam
              railway line 5 kms
              5 Elevating ORR along common portion with Sarjapur Road 2
              6 Elevating ORR along common portion with the Bannerghatta road 1
              7 PESIT to Janabharti Entrance Bangalore University 3
              Total 16.6 kms

              1 Core Ring Road (CRR) Elevated road like 30 kms long
              2 Arterial Roads crossing CRR 30 kms
              3 Peenya Industrial Area to Bangalore Mysore Expressway 2.2 kms
              4 Peripheral Ring Road (PRR) 114 kms
              5 Air Port Link Road (Expressway) Upto ORR 26 kms
              6 Link from Tigalarapalaya Main Road to Nelagadaranahalli
              (included in Item 42 of Parallel Ring Road
              7 Link from Hesarraghatta Main Road to Shettihelli and
              Madarahelli to Mohammed Sabi Palaya (included in Item 43
              of Parallel Ring Road)
              8 Link from Sampigehalli to CRPF parade ground (included in
              Item 25 Parallel Ring Road)
              1.72 kms
              Total 209.17 kms


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                Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years


                ROAD IMPROVEMENTS


                1 Bellary Road 7.60
                2 Palace Road 1.75
                3 Sheshadri Road 0.50
                4 Nrupatunga Road 1.10
                5 Vidhana Veedhi 0.20
                6 Mission Road 1,00
                7 Devanga Hostel Road 0.50
                8 Sankey Road 3.40
                9 Lalbagh Road 0.41
                10 Jaymahal Road 2.80
                11 Hosur Road 1.60
                12 Hosur Laskar Road 4.30
                13 Victoria Road 1.60
                14 Lower Agaram Road 2.40
                15 Sarjapur Road 3.35
                16 Hosur Road 4.30
                17 Bannerghatta Road 4.11
                18 80’ Koramangala 4.00
                19 Dickenson Road 0.30
                20 Ulsoor Road 0.60
                21 Kensington Road 0.32
                22 Murphy Road 1.70
                23 Old Madras Road 1.70
                24 Richmond Road 5.20
                25 Airport Road 5.20
                26 Goods shed Road 1.35
                27 Cottonpet Main Road 1.20
                28 17th Main J C Nagar in Ward 13 1.50
                29 5th Cross Malleshwaram 1.00
                30 Commissariat Road 0.74
                31 A M Road 0.75
                32 Lalbagh Fort Road 1.35
                33 Race Course Road 1.66
                34 Kasturba Road 0.77
                35 A S Char Street & BVK Iyengar Road 1.21
                36 Vanivilas Road 0.85
                37 Suranjan Das Road 3.85
                38 Mysore Road 3.90
                39 Mt Joy Road & Kattriguppe Main Road via Vidyapeeta Circle 3.00
                40 Mahalakshmi Layout & Nandini Layout Road via Ayyappa Temple &
                Singapore Layout
                41 Dinnur Main Road and Kavalbyrasandra Road (via Ganganagar Sulthan
                42 Hoskerhalli Main Road 2.05
                43 Vansanth Nagar Main Road 0.62
                44 K R Road 1.16
                45 Sulthan Road 0.42
                46 1st Main Chamrajpet 0.15
                47 3rd Cross Chamrajpet & Bull temple Road 1.00
                48 Link Road 0.63
                49 Padarayanapura Main Road 1.86
                50 Bull temple Road via N R Colony, Chennamma Tank bed & 30th Main BSK
                3rd Stage 1.10

                list continued in next post


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                  Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

                  ROAD IMPROVEMENTS Planned, Proposed.....continued....

                  51 Infantry Road 1.83
                  52 Park Road 0.50
                  53 Hospital Road 1.10
                  54 Dispensary Road 0.50
                  55 K Kamraj Road 1.25
                  56 Dharmraj Road 0.40
                  57 Chandini Chowk 0.45
                  58 Meenakshi Koli Street 0.60
                  59 Thimmaih Road 2.10
                  60 Old Poor House Road- Haine’s Road 1.00
                  61 Millers Tank Bund Road 0.52
                  62 Station Road 1.30
                  63 Queen’s Road 0.95
                  64 Miller’s Road 1.42
                  65 Cunningham Road 0.80
                  66 Road in fromt of Russel Market 0.25
                  67 Dr. Ambedkar Road (Tannery Road) 4.43
                  68 Hennur Road 3.62
                  69 Banaswadi Road & Wheelers Road (via Banaswadi) 6.35
                  70 Hare Krishna Road 0.70
                  71 HMT Road 2.10
                  72 Magdi Road 2.40
                  73 Baiyyappanahalli Main Road 3.35
                  74 Bapujinagar Cross Road 0.80
                  75 Kumaraswamy Layout Main Road 1.75
                  76 South Link Road 0.50
                  77 MTB Road 0.50
                  78 Kurubarahalli Main Road in Ward 16 1.00

                  Total 141.73 kms


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                    Re : 20 Something Now, Planning for 20 Years

                    Planned/Proposed Road Improvements (Outside ORR)

                    Radial Roads

                    1 From Peenya II Stage to Andrahalli (via Peenya II Stag, Industrial Area,
                    Andrahalli) 4.00 kms
                    2 Tumkur Road – NH4 - 8.80
                    3 New BEL Road 3.40
                    4 Jalahalli MainRoad to Attur via Yelahanka 28.00
                    5 Yeshwanthpur to Yalahanka 20.00
                    6 Doddaballapur Road 6.00
                    7 Devanahalli – Hebbal Bellary Road 25.00
                    8 NH-7 Kogilu Junction to Nagavara Main Road 8.00
                    9 Dasarahalli Main Road 16.00
                    10 HBR Ring Road to Nagavara Main Road leading to Jakkur 20.00
                    11 HBR Ring Road to Hennur Main Road 16.00
                    12 Old Madras Road 5.25
                    13 ITPL Road from Ring Road to Hope farm 8.50
                    14 Varthur Road to Marathalli to Varthur Kodi 5.00
                    15 Varthur to Outer Ring Road via Belegere and Panathur 6.50
                    16 Kaigondanahalli to Sarjapur 10.00
                    17 Bannerghatta Road – ORR to National Park 8.60
                    18 Bannerghatta Road – National Park to PRR 2.40
                    19 Begur Road from Hosur Road to Begur 7.00
                    20 Kanakapura Road 10.40
                    21 Ring Road to Kanakapura Road (via Ittumadu) 7.00
                    22 Rajarajeshwarinagar Arch to PRR 10.00
                    Connector Roads
                    23 From Magadi Road to NH 4 (via Sunkadakatte, Hegganahlli Main Road,
                    Peenya II Stage, NTTF circle, KIADB Main Road)
                    24 Peenya II Stage to Ring Road (via peenya II sTage Bus stop, Rajgopal
                    nagar Main Road, Peenya Industrial Area)
                    25 NH 7 to Nagavara Main Road through Jakkur 16.00
                    26 NH & to Nagavara Main Road 12.00
                    27 Hennur Main Road to Hoskote Ring Road 10.00
                    28 Horamavu- Agara to HBR Ring Road 4.00
                    29 Horamavu Road from Outer Ring Road to Kalkere 4.20
                    30 T C Palya Main Road from ORR to Anandapura 5.50
                    31 Devasandra Main Road from NH 4 to Basavanapura Road 1.70
                    32 Kundalahalli Road from Devasandra Main Road to Kundanahalli gate via
                    33 ITPL Road to Varthur Road via Pattanadur Agrahara & Nellurahalli 4.00 kms
                    34 Sarjapur Road to Ring Road (near Devarabisanahalli) 7.00 kms
                    35 Nagarthapura to Matha Amruthamayee College 5.00 kms
                    36 Hosur Road to Nagarthapura (Hosur Road) 4.00 kms
                    37 Begur to Hosur Road (via Begur tank Bund, Chikkabegur and Manipal
                    38 Bannerghatta Road to Begur (via Dodda Kammanahalli, Yelenahalli) 8.00
                    39 Kottur Dinne to Bannerghatta Road 5.00
                    40 Harinagar to Kottanur Dinne 4.00
                    41 Corporation Ban k to Ring Road via Javaraiana Doddi 4.00
                    Parallel Ring Road
                    42 From Magadi Road to NH 4(via Herohalli, Karivobanahalli, Andrahalli,
                    Tigalarapalya, Nelagadaranahalli, Nagasandra)
                    43 Hesaraghatta Main Road to SM Road (via Mallasandra, Shettyhalli,
                    Abbigere, Kammagondanahalli Main Road, Gangammagudi Circle)
                    44 Vidyranyapura Main Road to Henuur Main Road 35.00
                    45 Nagavara Main Road to Kalkere Junction 8.00
                    46 Sarjapura Road to Kalkere via Chikkaballapur, Gurjurpalya, Varthur, Hope
                    farm, Kadugodi, Sadaramangala, Kodigehalli, Basavanapura, TC Palya
                    47 Matha Amruthamayee to Sarjapura Road (Kaigondanahalli) 5.00
                    48 Kanakapur Road- Amruthnagar to Harinagar 4.50
                    49 Kengeri to Konanakunte via Uttarahalli (end of Kanakapura Road) 13.50
                    50 Kengeri 80’ Ring Road to Ullalu Main Road via Matha Mata 10.50
                    51 Begur Road to Hosur Road and Kudlu 6.00
                    52 B G Road to Begur Road (via BTM Layout, Kodichikkanahalli) 5.00
                    53 Chunchaghatta Road to B G Road 6.00
                    54 Ganana Bharathi Circle to Magadi Road 11.00

                    Total 502.75 kms

                    Grand Total 644.48 kms


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?