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Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News


Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

Last updated: September 13 2016
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  • Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

    None of u will believe this piece of information, I know for sure.

    The Government is planning a direct road and connection from Chandapura-Anekal Road to the Airport - the BIAL.

    Though C-A road is on South Bangalore, this connectivity is called East Side Airport Access since u will be entering the airport from the east side of the airport though u will start from South Bangalore.

    Since currently now, Bangalore North alone has airport connectivity through Hebbal Road or through Mekhri Circle etc., the whole of Bangalore depends only on this corridor and stretch to reach the airport bringing in unbearable pressure and traffic to North Bangalore. Besides, with the huge fuel import bill that the nation faces every year, it is a waste of fuel for South Blore residents.

    In order to ease the airport traffic in North Bangalore and since the IT hub is in Electronic City, Sarjapur Road, Marathalli, Koramangala areas, the airport link from C-A road is now seeing some action in the departments concerned.

    When the connectivity turns into reality, all those who dont want to touch Sarjapura Town or Sarjapur Road, C-A road or belt, Attibele belt and surroundings, all such people will riot to rush to buy in these same localities they love to hate and despise now and will proudly shell out 4000 per sq.ft. or more then. Well, it is their money. They can do whatever they want with it. But for those who look up to me for advise and guidance, NOW is the time to park your car (money) there and wait. You have missed the last 10-year realty boom when it happened right under your nose and u have cursed yourself immensely for that. Now is your chance to rectify that error. U had the patience to wait for 10 years to see others making money out of their realty investments. But u dont have 10 minutes patience to see yourself making money out of your own realty investment. That is the irony. We marvel at others. But we never know to pat ourselves on the back.

    All of u can very well imagine what will follow next - once the work on this above connectivity starts.

    To know what will follow next, one has to only see what happened to the Hebbal Road, Bellary Road, Yelahanka stretches because of the airport connectivity those localities got. Villas, apartment complexes, Malls, Multiplexes mushroomed overnight. All these took some time. It took 5-7 years for development to happen. For Malls to sprout up. Rome was not built in a day. We all know that. But we all want the New Bangalore to be built in a day. It will not happen so fast. You have to wait. Even New York city is what it is today because they have been constructing since 1902. The first apartment complex in New York was built only in 1902 and they have been constructing since then. Many dont know that mass production of steel for building construction started as recently as only in 1895 after Carnegie brought the technology to the US from Britain. Just a little before that, it was only in 1879 that the electric bulb was invented by Thomas Alva Edison. It took over 130 years for the world to be here, where it is today, with all this steel and electric bulbs etc. We must have the patience to give Bangalore atleast another 10 years, for it to be - where you want it to be.

    Now, coming back to Airport connection from C-A Road, since all Indians are sceptics and disbelievers of whatever the government says or wants to do, including all of you on the Forum here, u will all demand proof.

    Of course, as usual, I have the proof with me.

    I always talk, with proof in my hands. I dont speculate.
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    Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

    Hello Mr.Ravikanth,

    Are you referring to STRR ??? This would really be a boon to us , I might have to park my car and wait :-) please provide more information and proof you are referring to .



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      Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

      A news article said so. I didn't say so.

      Here is the proof u wanted.

      With the opening of Reach 1 between Byappanahalli and Chinnaswamy stadium (6.7km), Namma Metro seems to have gathered steam. The year should see the opening of Reach 2 from Leprosy Hospital to Mysore Road (6.4km) and Reach 3 from Sampige Road to Yeshwanthpur (5.1km). With the cabinet approval of Phase 2, Namma Metro seems to be on surer footing.

      Another major infrastructure project which has a realistic chance of completion is the Signal Free Outer Ring Road, the 31-km stretch from Silk Board to Hebbal Junction. The first phase, launched in October 2008 at a cost of Rs 93.94 crore by the BDA, included flyovers at Agara and Iblur junctions. This work was completed in 2011. The second phase was launched in June 2009 covering 8 junctions at an estimated total cost of Rs 333.68 crore. This work, expected to be completed this year, will provide a major relief for the south-eastern parts of the city and the IT corridor.

      Airport access has been a major concern. The BDA is planning the East Side Airport Access Corridor from Chandapura (on Hosur Road) to BIA via Gunjur and Budhigere. This project needs to be expedited. The elevated corridor on Bellary road should also be completed in 2012, giving easy access to the airport.

      The new BBMP commissioner's assurance that he'd attend to languishing projects should see the completion of the much-delayed underpasses at Kadirenahalli, Tagore Circle and CNR Rao Circle. The civic body should now focus on pedestrian infrastructure, parking facilities and solid waste management instead of planning large infrastructure projects, which it can't deliver.

      Lakes and water bodies, once the source of drinking water, have all but died. In 2009, the BDA took up the revival of 12 lakes costing Rs 105 crore. Work on 10 of these lakes is nearing completion. The BDA will take up 29 more lakes this year but all of it won't happen in the next 12 months. Two large lakes, Varthur and Bellandur, remain highly polluted with sewage and chemicals. If rejuvenated, these could be used to supply brown water to industries in East Bangalore. The BDA, entrusted with rejuvenation of Bellandur lake, may not finish it this year.

      BWSSB has ambitious plans of supplying 500MLD of Cauvery water to Bangalore this year from its Cauvery 4th Stage scheme. Work is well under progress and hopes are afloat.
      What won't happen is easy to imagine: never-ending traffic snarls at major arterial roads. The proposed 12 signal-free arterial road corridors are languishing. Five entrusted to BDA have seen some progress but the remaining 7 with BBMP haven't. Since these are crucial to ease congestion, the government should expedite these projects through BDA or KRDCL.

      While there's plenty to look forward to, Bangalore's infrastructure will remain woefully inadequate unless the government takes a holistic approach and provides the necessary financial support.

      (The above article was found in Times of India of 12th Jan 2012 under “Big plans, but little on ground” by RK Misra

      (The writer is founder of civic NGO Sahyog)


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        Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

        Hi Guys,
        I am planning to purchase a site in JR Coconess Phase -3.
        This project is approved by AXIS bank. But when i approached the JR guys to share the number of Axis folks who is associated with this project. The J.R guys are taking more time. I am not sure if at all they have any properties in their name or what is the actual issue.
        I just want to know, how much time generally Bank will take to process the loan.
        Can anyone please let me know what are the legal set of document that we need to ask from JR guys. and please let me know about the process of buying the site.
        Does they give any written that if bank fails to secenction the loan or there is any issue with the site document, they will refund the booking advance.
        Sekhar – 9980020569
        Email –


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          Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

          Mr Sekhar,
          As far as I know, JR coconest phase3 was sold out long back. Do they still have sites available for sale ?

          Have you entered into an agreement with them ? Did you not get a set of documents after you paid booking amount ? Did you not get it verified by a lawyer after that ?


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            Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

            Hello Avinash,
            They told that they are having some site..


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              Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

              OK. The axis bank branch that has approved JR Coco nest p3 is in Jayanagar 4th T block. You can go there and directly speak to Loan department, if you feel there is undue delay.

              Generally, Loan process takes an average of 15 working days. Some banks, on some property does it faster. But 15 days is reasonable in my experience.


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                Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News


                Hi Avinash,
                Did you purchase any site in J.R Coconess? Does JR guys give any Acknowledgement when you give some token Advance mentioning your cheque Nbr.

                As because we asked for legal document against the token advance.



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                  Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

                  Good to see you back Ravikanth...


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                    Re : Chandapur Anekal Road, Bangalore - Real Estate News

                    I need your valuable advise to invest my hard earned money in my first real estate venture - Prashanthi Group's Narendra Enclave


                    Have any questions or thoughts about this?