A big builder's Bangalore project, a newly launched project in Electronic City, into which many Forum Members here have dumped in their money, is alleged to have deviated from the sanctioned plans and approvals, violated certain rules and regulations of the government and also part of his project is alleged to be on encroached land.

It is all over the internet and it is a new on-going project.

Guys who have invested in this project - better be careful and do your due diligence now.
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  • Which builder are you referring to? DLF NewTown?
  • Can you provide the name of Project?
  • Who is the Builder? Which is the Project?

    Google for "in the dock at Bangalore for alleged deviation and violation".

    U will see everything for yourself.
  • Ravikanth,

    "in the dock at Bangalore for alleged deviation and violation" and combinations thereof lead entirely into a real-estate consulting blog called EcoPackIndia.

    Since I don't have any particular interest with DLF, I didn't spend too much time on the google search around DLF new town, but it looks like this particular 'sensational news' is limited to the purport of Ecopackindia real estate guys.

    I hence doubt the veracity of this piece, unless confirmed by copies of legal notices by Govt Departments.