If u are following me, henceforth, visiting this thread alone should be enough for u, as I will post all my messages here. It will save u from searching different threads for different localities or projects - if u are searching for a post by me about the subject or about future "planned" projects anywhere in Bangalore.

If u have any queries that u specifically want to direct at me, pls post them here in this thread. If I have some info or answer, I will reply. Sometimes, if I have a very adverse remark to make about a project or builder - I may refrain from making a comment, since law of the land allows the affected party to file a "defamation suit" against the commentator. For any query, if I reply and say, "No comments", then it means you should be cautious or better still, avoid the transaction and the deal - look for something else somewhere else.
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  • Even Big Builders Outsource Their Construction Jobs

    Engineering and construction company Punj Lloyd had also abandoned its ambition to become a developer. It now plans to take housing construction orders on EPC basis.

    While Infrastructure companies are exiting real estate business, several real estate companies are also outsourcing their core construction activity to third party construction companies to deal with delays. These companies had ramped up their construction arm between 2005 and 2008 to save cost.

    Even DLF, the country's biggest builder, has decided to outsource work to third party construction companies due to execution delays citing labour shortage. Another builder Parsvnath has contracted companies like IL&FS, L&T and Jaycon to finish projects on time. Bangalore-based Puravankara Projects has started to outsource projects in Chennai and Kochi.

    The draft 12th Five Year Plan has proposed an investment of $1 trillion to upgrade India's infrastructure. The government plans to increase its infrastructure spending as a percentage of the GDP to 9% in 2014 from 6.5%, says KPMG and FICCI report
  • Maxworthrealty's Max Sadhana

    Dear Ravikanth,

    Maxworthrealty has started selling the plots in their pre-launch project called 'Max Sadhana'. It is loacated on the Avathi village, 3-4 kms from Devanahalli. They are telling that BIAAPA approval will be completed in few months. Booking advance is Rs.25,000/- and remaing is payable in 35 EMI's (Rs.25,000/- per month working out to Rs.750/- per sqft). Agreement will be done after paying 10 EMIs and registration will be completed after 18 EMIs. Is it advisable to invest here? This project is located on the NH-7 highway. Kindly provide your expert opinion to proceed further.

    Thanks & regards,
  • Hello Ravikanth,

    Thanks for your initiative ...
    Eagerly awaiting for your updates ....
  • Stay away from such tempting offers

    Originally Posted by shnkkm
    Dear Ravikanth,

    Maxworthrealty has started selling the plots in their pre-launch project called 'Max Sadhana'. It is loacated on the Avathi village, 3-4 kms from Devanahalli. They are telling that BIAAPA approval will be completed in few months. Booking advance is Rs.25,000/- and remaing is payable in 35 EMI's (Rs.25,000/- per month working out to Rs.750/- per sqft). Agreement will be done after paying 10 EMIs and registration will be completed after 18 EMIs. Is it advisable to invest here? This project is located on the NH-7 highway. Kindly provide your expert opinion to proceed further.

    Thanks & regards,

    Shnkkm, first and foremost, dont try to bite more than u can chew. Secondly, dont put your legs into 2 different boats at the same time. U will not reach the shore. U may drown, trying to do so.

    U are trying to buy your friend's plot in Indlabele now. Finish that first. U have already bitten that a p p l e, now chew it and digest it first. After that, relax for a while.

    I can write 10 pages about why u should not dirty your hands with the above kind of projects. Stay away from such offers, however tempting. Let him first get BIAAPA approval. Only then it will be proof that he "in fact" got the approval. The US has a policy of dangling a carrot in front of Pakistan's nose and making it run behind it for the next few decades, seeking more carrots. I am sure u know it is called "carrot and stick" policy. After that, they beat them with the Al Qaeda stick or the Taliban stick for the next few centuries. Similarly, builders too dangle a carrot infront of your nose saying "low EMI, prices will increase next month, BIAAPA approval is expected after 3 months, registration will be done after 18 EMIs" etc. etc. After u are stuck up with 10 EMIs or 18 EMIs as u say, they will beat u with the "BIAAPA approval" not received "Stick" and make u run behind them for the next few decades or from pillar to post. Tom blames Peter, Peter blames Paul, Paul blames his Manager, Manager blames Chairman and u will go home to get a kick from your wife.

    Besides, huge swathes of land in Devanahalli running into more than some 20,000 acres have been notified by KIADB and BIAAPA there for various projects under various Survey Nos. U will never know which plot or land, site or gated community until they come with bull dozers to raze your structure down - it could be 10 years after u have happily lived in your beautifully constructed villa. In other words, the Developer could sell u the land or plot knowing fully well that his layout or property has been notified and actually already taken over by the Government - but he will leave u high and dry and vanish - leaving u to see your own structure being razed down. The Babus will ofcourse take their cut and leave u on the streets. With and after BIAAPA approval, this fraud can not happen. If it happens, u can take BIAAPA and the Government to court - asking them "how did u give approval if KIADB had notified the land and acquired it?".

    For instance, an area as large as 40 sq.kms amounting to 10,000 acres has been notified in Devanahalli for one single project called ITIR. Some reports actually say that it is 50 sq.kms of 12,000 acres. Project cost is pegged at 1,00,000 crore investment expected to create a Town of 4 million Residents in the vicinity of this ITIR project.

    How will u find out if your Max Sadhana is not under this 50 sq.km. belt? How will u know now, since BIAAPA approval is not in his hands?

    Another instance. In the same Devanahalli area, another large project for a large 5000 bed hospital, with an investment of 1000 crores, a project that is expected to generate employment for about 15000 people in this single hospital called Narayana Hrudayalaya Super Specialty Hospital - the complex which will also house a Star Category Hotel plus also Serviced Apartments - which will again generate employment opportunities for another 6000 people - this Hospital project with Hotel + Apartments is also expected to come up. A huge land bank of 30 acres for this project has also been notified by KIADB in 2010. The idea behind this hospital project is to promote Medical Tourism - to make Foreigners come to Bangalore for treatment, land at the airport, reach the hospital next door, get world class treatment for your ailment at 1/3rd the cost in US or Canada or Australia or England and then fly back home after u are hale & healthy.

    Who will vouch for u that this Max Sadhana is not under this 30 acre belt?

    In addition, another 10,000 acres of land in Devanahalli has been notified by the Government, KIADB etc. etc. for various purposes.

    Let the Developer first get the BIAAPA approval in his hands. After that, even if u have to pay 30% extra and more, it will still be worth the pain and the trouble and the money - since u are sure u own some property without encumberances.

    Above all, you can sleep well. And your wife won't kick you.

    I hope this helps.
  • indeed helps.
    thanks Ravi ji.

    please provide more updates..something good :-) thanks
  • More Massive Large Infra Projects Planned

    1) Japan External Trade Organisation has been approached by both the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka governments for a bullet train project between Chennai and Bangalore. Once the feasibility study is conducted during the next financial year in 2012-13, it would be possible to know then whether bullet train is feasible or not.

    2) The focus of Japan was more on developing the Chennai-Bangalore industrial corridor

    3) Japanese government and JETO are also keen on a high-speed freight train from Ennore to Bangalore. The feasibility study is being conducted on both above projects currently now, to be completed by April 2012.

    4) Karnataka government is planning a Mono Rail High Speed Rail Link of 350 km per hour speed to cover Bangalore to Mysore 110 kms distance in 30 minutes travel time one way.

    With mega projects of the above kind on the anvil, Realty prices will not stagnate for ever.
  • Electronic City Realty Potential - Research Report

    Many of u are either considering buying in and around E-City or are already owning some property there.

    To get an insight into the potential for growth in E-city or to understand what kind of research goes into a business before they set up shop in a particular locality, collect the below mentioned Research Report from me by writing to aa3b3c3@gmail.com. Ask for "E-City 28 Page Report" by name and title.

    A company which owns an 8 acre plot of land in E-City had got a beautiful Feasibility Study research report done. The document is a 28 page report which will give u an insight into what kind of potential lies hidden in Bommasandra and Jigani. Though both these are predominantly called Industrial Areas, they have a huge number of layouts and residential pockets too - which are mushrooming now and are now getting densely populated because of the new beautiful 4 lane road connecting Bommasandra Indl. Area to Hosur Road. This road incidentally is part of the 188 km long Intermediate Ring Road.

    If u own a property in the above areas or are planning to buy in the above localities - you must read this report.
  • Big Builder's Large Project on Bannerghatta Road in Big Trouble

    I have noticed time and again in several threads on this forum here, that many of you are big fans of big builders, big names, large builders and you think that if u buy into a big builder's project, your money is safe and so are you.

    Time and again, I have tried to educate u guys, in several threads that even big builders commit frauds and that they are not bathed in milk and honey everyday.

    Many among u guys love to despise and loathe small builders and love to hate them. Many among u love to love big builders and blindly buy into any project announced by a big name.

    If a builder has a fancy name, an attractive name, even if he is unheard of, u rush to buy into his project. If a small builder has an unattractive name like "Venkateshwara, Tirumala, Sri Saraswathi" etc. etc. - then you love to shower rubbish on him.

    While I am no fan of either a big builder or a small builder, all I care about is if the project is good, if it is in a good location, will give me value for money, a decent profitable exit, has clean papers without encumberances, has a good floor plan, ventilation, lighting, 3-4 balconies etc. etc. and the usual things that u all usually see. Most importantly, a couple of meets with the Management team, eye contact with them, especially the Sales Manager, will give u a feel of the pulse of the builder/team/company and u will know if they have some hidden agenda, hiding something, are cheats and frauds or not. For this, u need to be an expert mind reader or psychology analyst. U normally gain this kind of experience with time and age, with maturity.

    If a builder announces just about 60-70 or 100-150 flats in his project, he is a cheap low class street side third rate builder with no name and fame and he is the subject of fun & insinuations over coffee table meets and discussions for all of you.

    If another builder announces about 300-350 or 500-700 and more apartments in his project - he is a great good trustworthy reliable big builder and his photograph has to be kept framed in our religious rooms.

    This is how u all treat the above two categories of builders.

    Shriram is a big name and his Attibele project of 1400 apartments has been outsourced. Bathroom, floor, kitchen tiles are all already peeling off. The contractor will take his money and run leaving u to clean up the mess. Google to find out complaints by Shriram flat owners/buyers. This is the status when the project is still under construction.

    DLF's Maiden Heights in Electronic City is a big hit amongst many of u and u all love to brag about the project - just because it is a big well known name and just because even babies in a mother's womb know about this builder's name. Part of it is on encroached land, on Gomala land. Google and find out what is Gomala. Besides, this project has also been outsourced to a local contractor. Google, if u care, to find out for yourself.

    On Bannerghatta Road, where I am put up, a big builder's project is the subject of investigation by the anti-corruption Police called "Lokayukta Police" and the whole project is in big trouble. The land was notified in 1996 by BDA but illegal construction is going on now and Techies are falling head over heals to buy into this project - just because it is a big builder's project. A full 16 years after BDA notified it and de-notified it, the land (on which the project is coming up) is embroiled in a saga of allegations, litigations and counter-allegations and many will soon end up in Jail.

    Till the dust settles down, naturally, all flat buyers/owners in this project will be on tenterhooks and will be sleepless on a bed of pricky nails.

    Details about this project will be given on request, only by email, if u write to aa3b3c3@gmail.com.

    My objective is to educate u guys. I have no intention of picking up a quarrel with anyone. So, those who disagree with me, may kindly refrain from their temptation to pick up a quarrel with me.
  • Today's Ghost Towns are Tomorrow's Sought After City Veins

    If u read the below article, u will be able to visualize what kind of a buzzing crowded place the following places will be like, in 2020 or 2025, provided u have time and patience till then, a long time perspective plan till then:

    Today’s haunted Anekal Town, today’s ghostly Sarjapur Town, today’s weird creepy Attibele Town, today’s scary undeveloped Nelamangala Town, today’s far away Yelahanka Town etc. etc.

    Read on, to understand that, just 2 decades ago, many buzzing densely populated localities in Bangalore were as scary and haunted, as uninhabited and frighteningly eerie as the above mentioned places.

    What I mean is if a Leopard town like Kengeri can turn into a densely populated part of the city which even gets a Metro Train in just 20 years, a place like Anekal where a rampaging Elephant recently tragically killed a Techie can also turn itself into a buzzing place in 10 years from now.

    Leopard land is now a satellite town

    BANGALORE: Time was when you'd catch leopards here, back in the 1980s. Today, Kengeri, off Mysore Road in the city's south-west , is a full-fledged satellite town and bustling suburb , a far cry from what was wild bush land.

    One man who can testify to Kengeri's journey from a typical village to an urban locale in 30 years is Jnanpith award winner Chandrashekara Kambar, writer and folklorist . "When I first came to Kengeri in 1970, there was nothing around my house, except bushes and shrubs. There were only kaccha roads. But I didn't think I would one day have to vacate a village all because the city came to my doorstep in the form of road widening. That's how much Kengeri has changed."

    "I went to Kengeri because it was far from the hustle and bustle of the city. I wanted a place that left me to myself, and there was my work at Bangalore University. Then, there was open air and silence. In the 90s, things changed - houses came up one by one as a layout was formed and people began to settle down. It turned urban and residential," says Kambar.

    Joe H, long-time resident, says Kengeri is the story of leopard land turning into a township . "In the late 80s, we had caught two leopards here. It was bush land and towards Mysore Road, the forest patches were a natural shelter for animals. A bit of that greenery and silence and serenity is still there, we also have clean roads, a good park and two lakes."

    The park stretches a long way, covering more than four roads, while the lake inside the township attracts a good number of birds. The larger lake, closer to Mysore Road, is also a bird hub.

    Mall Culture Yet To Arrive

    Morning walk are popular among elders, while young parents and their children prefer the park, and a visit to the lake. A private club on Mysore Road offers swimming, tennis and the like. While there are small retail food and vegetable outlets, the township doesn't have a major supermarket, mall and multiplex - for such entertainment, residents have to go to Raja Rajeshwarinagar. Cyber cafes and kirana stores dot the landscape.

    The most pressing civic issue, according to Joe, is uncleared sewage. "By and large, the township is clean, but in some parts, sewage is not cleared. Garbage is thrown on the road and near the lake."

    One other issue that made headlines was a liquor store bang on 1st Main Road, Kengeri . "It was right opposite my house. How can you have a bar where parents, children, elders walk? A campaign was launched by residents to get it vacated," says Kambar.

    Though a good 15km from Majestic and 18km from MG Road, Kengeri has two connectivity points - it touches Nice Road, giving access to Electronic City and ITPL from the left, and travelling right, to Yeshwanthpur and Nelamangala. Two major exit points via Nice Road ensures this locality has key access points. Mysore Road is the direct link to Kengeri, but much like Raja Rajeshwarinagar , access is hampered by Metro work.

    Bus service to KR Market, Majestic, Banashankari and even Yelahanka and ITPL is good. "People take trains to the city too, as all Mysore-Bangalore trains stop at Kengeri. The train ride to Majestic is convenient, given the problems on Mysore Road. Bidadi is also accessible by train," points out Joe.

    "Educationally, Kengeri is close to R V College of Engineering, Bangalore University, Sports Authority of India, Ambedkar Engineering and Medical College, a media and printing press centre at Kumbalgodu, BGS School, college and hospital, and private schools and colleges. Kengeri is close to Bidadi Industrial Area, with the Toyota factory and a few bottling units, an upcoming solar electricity transmission centre as well as Kumbalgodu Industrial Area," says M Harikumar, engineering professional.

    Software firms haven't yet reached here, except for two close to Raja Rajeshwarinagar, part of an IT park bordering Banashankari sixth stage. While the corporate, tech crowd is thin, the presence of students and central government employees is strong.

    The Old And The New

    Kengeri was ruled by the Gangas, Cholas, Hoysalas, Marathas and Wadiyars Tipu Sultan had reportedly taken shelter at Kengeri fort during fight with British Has an old gurukula and mutt Recently built temples - Sri Rama, Someshwara, Anjaneya, Yellamma and Ganapati Animal Rights Fund and People For Animals maintain animal shelters here

    In Their Words

    Kengeri was a forest patch, now it's turned into a township. Individual housing is predominant with apartment culture yet to become intense. There is adequate flora and fauna, and the lake is home to 40 species of birds. It is selfcontained and well-connected

    Kishan CH | General Manager, Pfa

    It's a suburb set to boom in the coming days. Once the Metro arrives, it will change Kengeri's connectivity and residents can travel all the way to ITPL in Whitefield. People now travel by bus

    Ankit R | Student

    The above was published in Bangalore Mirror on 20.2.2012
  • Feedback on Ozone Evergreens

    Hi Ravikanth,

    Whats your take on Ozone Evergreens in Haralur Road ? I heard that layout plan had been changed quite a few times. However it comes under affordable bracket, though the agreement papers have clauses filled in with builder's favour which raises eye brows. Could you please share your thought on this project.
  • Unknown to u but Others Know about Him

    A relatively unknown Developer in Bangalore but hugely popular in Maharashtra is planning a huge 150 acres gated community project on Chandapur-Anekal Road in Avadanahalli Village. Obviously, he already owns the land in his name. He plans to launch his project sometime during Aug to Oct in 2012, if all his plans, papers, clearances fall into place on time.

    All those of u who are still researching and wondering if existing, current, prevailing prices in this C-A belt between say, 750 in Atlantis or 1100 in JR Greenwoods or 1250 to 1500 in other Layouts or Projects there in C-A belt will pay through your nose, a higher price later, since the above unknown Developer (unknown to you but well known to me and a few million other Indians) is planning to launch his project in the range of 1750 to 2000 in Phase I, II, III, IV, V.

    By the way, JR Housing which has launched its own JR Greenwoods is also owning a huge land bank of another 100 acres in the same C-A belt which he too wiill launch by the end of 2012, in atleast 2-3 different projects with 2-3 different names at different rates ranging from 1500 to 2000 psft.

    What the above means is that by the end of 2012, the C-A belt rates are also likely to touch atleast 2000 psft. if not more.

    After that, it will be the turn of the Atlantis stretch of road and price war in Anekal Town - the only place where Researchers and Procrastinators will find land at a reasonable price of under 1200 psft from Jan 2013 onwards.
  • Originally Posted by vinay21verma
    Hi Ravikanth,

    Whats your take on Ozone Evergreens in Haralur Road ? I heard that layout plan had been changed quite a few times. However it comes under affordable bracket, though the agreement papers have clauses filled in with builder's favour which raises eye brows. Could you please share your thought on this project.

    No comments. Read my Post # 1 in this Thread. :bab (59):
  • Thats a nice way to say a lot by saying nothing. Appreciate your views :)
  • Dear Sir

    Sorry to disturb you in this post can you please share your mail id or allow me to publish my question here

  • Hi Ravikanth,

    Would appreciate your views on project 'Silver County' of Ahad Builders on Haralur road. It is coming under low budget, would like to seek your view on this builder, and on this project.

    They provide some wooden work as well, so don't know if that is to impress customers to avoid focussing over quality on long term.