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Can someone please tell me how to verify whether a builder or a real estate agent is a fraud or the right one? Is there any standard bodies or governement organisation prevalent for this? From where can I search or whom to contact to get this info? I heard about KOAPA, but I couldnt find many of the real estators in their website.

thanks for your help.

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  • Take copy of the property.Contact an advocate for verfying the details of the property. Apply for an latest EC (encummference certificate) at Registar office of the property judristication. it might cost you Rs.!50 per year depending on the last ec applied for the property. match the proferty owner name in the copy of the property and the ec, if it matches it is geniune. Advertise in the local newspaper through your Advocate, they know the procedure, then if no one reverts back then the property is geniune. thank you
  • firstly, check what projects he has done in the past, if he is sound enough to complete the project you are investing in (i.e. if it is not complete).

    as far as the docs are concerned, go to any legal advisor who is aware of property matters and then if the builders docs are clear and if you find the price reasonable, then go ahead and take the property.

    I am a builder in chennai, bangalore and kochi.
  • i know very well about concorde i have booked an apartment in Manhattan which is good in construction and amenities, about legal aspects i checked all paper they are ok its BDA Approved project. I closed my deal and i am very happy by the service what they are providing you can deal with vijay g.v because he seems to be ok for service and information.

  • Basically All are fraud in this line. Even Purva does all kind of Chit/Chat.
    You cant believe any one. If your luck is good then fine...
  • Beware of NRI Delonix City


    i have no idea of the other builders but there is a project in mallur road by NRI Delonix City, do not prefer that because there is a news that you will not get any approval due to it belongs to railway, there is railway marking stones in the property and also rail track going to come.

    if u know more let us know,