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No wonder that bangalore property prices are crashing !


No wonder that bangalore property prices are crashing !

Last updated: February 23 2012
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  • No wonder that bangalore property prices are crashing !

    1. Salary Hike : 12% estimated for 2012(average)
    2. Inflation Rate : Close to 10%
    3. Reduced onsite opportunities due to strict VISA norms-> Lesser average income for IT guys.

    4. Price for a ready to move in decent 2bhk in a reputed builder’s apartment:70 lacs .You'll pay almost the same price if you invest in upcoming property and get possession after a year or so.Include the interest that you would have earned if you have kept the same money in bank in FD which you have paid to the builder and also the Interest that you'll be payin on the loan that you have taken.
    5. A person having 50,00,000 earns Rs. 37, 500(9%) to 41,666 (10%) as interest which is enough for renting a 2bhk in the same 'reputed bulder's' apartment + you have the choice to stay wherever you want(close to your office or in a peaceful area) + you can expect to save something(instead of payinf EMIs additionally!!) + flexibility to move to a new city in case of better opportunity.
    6. Bangalore is not the city of gardens or lakes anymore.Lakes are fast filling up. gardens are disappearing. Infact, the construction activities are going on in agricultural land converted into residential so it's not even a part of a properly planned layout.
    People are living off Roads . . .off Sarjapura Bannerghatta Old Madras Henur Road. Harlur Road ..and what not...
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