Is there anyone who bought aprtmt from cmrs Royal orchid? Did they provide oc ?
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  • You can simply call them and ask you to send a scanned copy. Takes lesser time than posting on a forum
  • Check for yourself: 1) Ask them how many projects which they launched in last 5 years have been completed? 2) How many people bought Courtyard - answer- all sold out, How many people bought Verdance? answer all sold out. Have you done registration for these - No, why project is not cleared yet. All approvals are not obtained. 3) When do you think these can be registered - in next 45 days. For how long have you been telling this to customer - for last 5 years. You can imagine. Projects launched 4-5 yrs back. People paid 4-5 yrs back but till now there has been no development, no approvals and no registrations. If you still want to buy this headache please go ahead. Now they have Palm hills. They started taking bookings from May 2016 onwards. 15-16 months over. There's no development on the ground. Again, people paid money but no one has got anything yet. All approvals are not cleared and is not ready for registration yet. People who paid are stuck and they don't have money for refunds. Don't go by the 5 start ratings. Those are their own staff posting fake reviews. They say they are ISO, ask them for certificate, you won't find any. You can go and check on ISO website. There's nothing for CMRS. They have a cunning chairman and a joker CEO. He says he's Engineer and IIMB alumi. ask for details and you will get evasive answers. Check for the little details mentioned above and see how will you be treated.