Hi, I have entered into the agreement of a property where KHATA bifurcation is pending and BBMP has issued OC to the builder. However due to some unknown issues Khata bifurcation is pending. Is it safe to go ahead with the property registration on my name without bifurcation is done on the sellers name. Seller has the latest tax paid receipt. Should I proceed with the registration.
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  • You should know what those "unknown issues" to decide yourself. If you are sure Khata would be obtained later then it is fine. If you don't even know what those unknown issues that are cause for delay how can you even think of registration?
  • If you dont have the original Khata in the seller's name, the sub registrar will not register the property unless a high bribe is paid. Make it a condition that the seller should give the bifurcated khata before registration else call off the deal.