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Landowner flat - Buying from Power of Attorney


Landowner flat - Buying from Power of Attorney

Last updated: April 1 2019
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  • Landowner flat - Buying from Power of Attorney


    I am planning to buy an apartment from Landowner's share. The flat is in the name of landowner, his Wife, Son and Daughter. His son is in Australia, so he wont be here to sign and he says he has the POA from his son, daughter and wife - so he will be the only person who will sign the sale agreement.

    Power of Attorney is from Karnataka State Registration and Stamps Department on Rs 2/- stamp paper. It is a registered Power of Attorney wherein it is mentioned that -

    "his wife, son and daughter here by nominate and appoint Landowner to be our Attorney to present and sign the agreement to Sell, Sale Deeds, Exchange Deeds, Rectification Deeds, Confirmation Deeds/Consent Deeds and many other Deeds executed by us in the favor of Purchaser before the Sub-Registrars for the purpose of the "XXX" apartment flat."

    So in this case will it suffice if Landowner only signs in the sale agreement?

    Look forward to advice/help on this.


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