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Buying land & Building own house : Help and Questions


Buying land & Building own house : Help and Questions

Last updated: June 27 2019
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  • Buying land & Building own house : Help and Questions

    Hi there everyone, i'm a foreigner from sgp and planning to migrate over to india as i want to marry my future wife(Indian citizen). so i'm planning to buy a land around 1500 sq-ft in Bangalore and build a house.

    I was reading online and seems there are many scams from landlords, agents how do i protect myself from getting conned as i have no knowledge regarding buying land... Would it be safer if i hired a lawyer? How do I verify all documents are legit?

    I heard that mostly everyone will try to cheat or ask for a bribe to process things like the license, approvals, documents etc.. so i am totally lost on what i should be doing and what to look out for.

    To be frank, i am a little paranoid now after reading all the horror stories from people like seller filling a case after selling land and demanding more money, fake documents of land, litigation going on, not paying property tax etc etc. Please advice.

    I have a budget of around 30 lakhs and think total build-up area of house will be around 2500-3000 sqft. So hope someone could help answer questions i have below so that i can better plan things accordingly...

    1. Will my budget be enough?

    2. What are the other fees involved like the permits, licenses, government etc?

    3. Do i need to register the house with the sub registrar or i need to only register my land?

    4. Can we trust the builders? how do we know if they are using the correct materials or not trying to cheat me?

    5. Is it better if i got a lawyer to communicate with the builders/contractors?

    6. Will i have to bribe anyone for the house building process?

    7. How do I verify builder and all documents are legit?

    Hope to hear from you soon and thanks in advance.
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    Re : Buying land & Building own house : Help and Questions


    As you are new to India and also paranoid about the working of the things over here. You may not be able to get into thick and thin of the things and people may try to charge extra as you are not an Indian. So, my advice is do not rely on local people and hire a lawyer to get the things done for you


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