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Sycon Cressida Hormavu, Bangalore : Issues


Sycon Cressida Hormavu, Bangalore : Issues

Last updated: July 23 2019
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  • Sycon Cressida Hormavu, Bangalore : Issues

    What is the legal action a society can take against owners for not paying maintenance?

    Hi, I am a resident of Sycon Cressida Horamavu Bangalore. My apartment has severe water crises and later i got to know that this is due to no funds in society.

    This apartment was build as partnership between landowner & Sycon Construction. As reward, landowner family got 40 flats out of total 140 flats. Landowners are 4 brothers and they have divided 10 flats to each brother. I heard 3 brothers pay maintenance sooner or later but 1 brother doesn’t pay any maintenance for his share of 10 flats. Pending maintenance has been piled up to 9 Lac INR.

    This is an update i got from the recent meeting held in society.

    These brothers are major goondas in Sycon-Cressida society. They are owners of 40 flats and 100 flats belongs to individual owners from apartment sales. These landowner brother neither pay maintenance nor water charges. They do not follow society rules either. In-fact some of them are part of core-committee as well but they do not contribute anything for betterment of society.

    · They do not pay maintenance on time. Few of them never pay maintenance & have pending dues of 8 Lacs & more.

    · They do not pay water charges. They are consuming water and enjoying all services at the cost of other residents. Shameless thugs!!!! I would spit on their faces. Enjoying water & services at the cost of other residents. Causing trouble for others.

    · These goons threat staff, supervisor & overpower security guards as well.

    · These goons never follow entry-exit rules.

    · Never attend society meetings or contribute to it. They abuse in society meetings etc.

    · They disrupt normal working of society and create chaos.

    · They are setting examples to others for not to pay maintenance.

    I would spit on their faces these shameless thugs. Enjoying water, services at the cost of other residents. We have families with aged people, small kids and we are facing water crises for these goons.

    As these goons, do not pay maintenance so other individual owners also holding back payment. No one is willing to pay maintenance / water charges until these goons’ clear dues.

    As all maintenance fund have been consumed for day to day run. There are many owners not paying maintenance charges. There is no money left in sinking fund / corpus fund either. All funds has been eaten up for running the society. There are many priority works pending in society due to money crises.

    This issue was build up by Sycon Construction builder. They have some unsorted accounts with landowner and therefore these brothers don’t pay maintenance to society. In addition, there is no Occupancy Certificate for Sycon-Cressida apartment yet. Residents are trying very hard to run society with many day-to-day issues & money crises. Sycon Construction Builder has been fooling residents for 5 years now for getting OC. Company promoter Mr. Anil Bagalwadi have been giving false assurance of getting OC since many years.

    Think twice before you land in this messy Sycon Cressida!!!!!




    I would spit 1000 times on their faces who is having long pending maintenance dues to society. Dirty thugs!!! Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu Thu....

    Because of you morons, whole society is facing money problem.

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    Re : Sycon Cressida Hormavu, Bangalore : Issues

    Are you renting or own an apartment? If you own one, why did you purchase a property without proper OC/CC certification?


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