I'm considering buying a piece of land in The Hills project by Dasha estates near Anekal. It is a farm land now , but the agent tells me that it is bound to get converted soon.I get it for a price of 120 per sft. Do u htink it is advisable to invest here ? or should I look at plots near the airport?
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  • I think its damn cheap. But dont buy unless it is DC converted.
  • Check up ashwin. The land may be in Tamil Nadu. In karnataka any body just like that cannot buy agricultural land. Converted land in Anekal taluk cannot be below Rs. 400/- (guidence value for registration)
  • Hi Anyone bought DC converted plot in The Hills (next to Pearl Valley) in Anekal by Dasha Global Ventures? They said it is DC converted residential plots approved by Canfin. The price quoted Rs. 450 per sft and negotiable. Developments looks very slow. How reliable is the developer.. Please suggest pros and cons.

    Thank you.
  • Many members are already given their suggestions on "DC converted residential plots".
    It is good to avoid just DC converted plots unless it is approved by DTCP/BMRDA/BDA..etc

    A DC conversion does not mean much. Conversion orders are issued by DC with a condition that approval for layout formation will be taken by the appropriate body (DTCP / BMRDA etc) applicable to that location within certain time period. If this is not done, conversion order could be recalled (It will be mentioned in words like this).

    BBMP is not an approval body. Developer has to seek either BMRDA or BDA approval. If developer is not able to or not willing to do this, your other hope is schemes like "akrama-sakrama"

    Firstly, there are no approvals for layout formation or building sanction that can be issued by Panchayaths / DC. The approvals have to be issued by respective town planning agencies like BDA /BBMP /BMRDA / APA / HPA / NPA .. and DTCP outside Bangalore jurisdiction like Malur / Kolar.

    The reasons why you should look for purchasing a property in town planning agency approved layouts / apartments;

    1) Since the properties are identified by a competent town planning agency, the risk of future government land acquisitions doesn't exist.

    2) As per the town planning bye-laws, sufficient space for common amenities like roads, parks and civic amenities will be earmarked. Which means you won't find a narrow 10ft or 15ft roads in the community. As per town planning norms, minimum road with is 9M (read 30ft).

    3) The common infrastructure development like under ground drainage, storm water drains, electrification, street lighting, water supply, over head tanks, sewage treatment plants and parks are a minimum standard that one can expect.

    4) You can expect and enforce your neighbors to construct houses as per the building bye-laws leaving prescribed minimum setbacks around the building.

    5) Most importantly, you can demand infrastructure maintenance by a government agency like BBMP in future.

    Please don't be fooled by BBMP / BDA / BMRDA / Panchayath limits. "Limits" doesn't guarantee any of the points stated above. Land (DC) conversion is only first step, approvals from respective town planning agencies are a must. Also, "BBMP limits" doesn't guarantee cauvery water either !

    Akrama-Sakrama scheme doesn't enforce systematic development in the City, but only penalizes you for investing in un-approved properties and live with it the way it is !
  • Thanks for sharing the info Prashant.
  • I would like to mention one case where a "DC conversion plots" is actually belongs to either lake or green buffer around the lake.
    This layout is under the same Anekal Planning Authority and the builder is selling them as DC converted plots at a lower price 999/- instead of BMRDA approved plots at 1449/- from the same builder.

    Phase -3 of Sai Metro City:
    DC converted plots: plot no. 1 to 46 of Survey No. 40

    Open this CDP map:

    Look for survey number 40 in Page-3 of CDP map of Anekal Planning Authority near Kugur lake.
    We can easily make out the DC converted plots are carved out of lake/green buffer.
    DC converted plots: plot no. 1 to 46 (phase-3) of Survey No. 40 looks like illegal.
  • Why dont you look at places like Electronics City and Whitefield? I think builders like Sowparnika Projects have their upcoming projects there and many other reputed builders too have their projects in such areas. Why not check them out?