Fraud builder with Fraud promises (Nagamani Constructions, Bangalore) We have purchased an apartment of worth 68 Lakhs in Munnekolala, Bangalore and paid advance of 2 lakhs in April 2016. We also paid him another 2 lakhs + 10 Lakhs for further process. We have receipts for the following. 1. 2 Lakhs advance - we have receipt 2. 2 Lakhs - We have receipt 3. 10 Lakhs - We have receipt for 5 Lakhs. Another 5 Lakhs he didn't give receipt. So total paid to him is 14 Lakhs. He mentioned we if you register for full amount you would have to pay more tax, so he mentioned flat amount as 63 lakhs in agreement and took that 5 lakhs cash. We asked him to cancel the apartment as I didn't have see any progress in project. I have agreement of 68 Lakhs (which was submitted to bank for loan). Can I show the agreement and tell in RERA that he didn't give receipt for 5 lakhs if the owner lies? I have applied for loan of 51 lakhs from LIC and around 48Lakhs is dispatched already. So total paid is 14Lakhs + 48 Lakhs (Loan) = 62 Lakhs 1. He has not mentioned possession date in the agreement. We asked for mentioning the date and he refused saying we are not mentioning for anyone. He has promised to be completed by end of December 2017 but still the project isn't completed. 2. According to RERA, the last date for completion he had mentioned was 31st August 2017 and the project will take nearly 6 to 8 more months from what I can see. 3. From online websites, he has mentioned last date as December 2017. Can we use this one to argue in RERA court? will they consider this as well? 4. Now he is demanding remaining money be given for completion of the project. We want to file a case in RERA after 31st August 2018. There are 4 to 5 people who will be filing individually. We want to cancel the apartment as it is not delivered as promised and I want to get rid of the mental torture he is giving. If we file a case in rera will this case be strong for us? What all points we can talk and get the full money refunded along with the bank loan interest? As of today 5th sept 2019, the project is still not complete. i dont want to proceed any more. please suggest accordingly.
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