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Handing over BMRDA approved layout to panchayat


Handing over BMRDA approved layout to panchayat

Last updated: September 18 2019
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  • Handing over BMRDA approved layout to panchayat


    Currently we are in a BMRDA approved layout and we get limited facilites from Govt/Panchayat.

    Our association is taking care of fixing roads, Electricity, garbage etc by collecting monthly maintenance. I believe the same process is being followed for all the BMRDO approved layouts.

    Can we handover BMRDA approved layouts to panchayat so that they can provide mode facilities to us?

    we are concerned that, if we handover the layout to panchayat, the property value would go down and new buyers may not get loans as per BMRDA norms.

    What are the pros and cons in handing over the BMRDA approved layouts to panchayat?

    Please advise.


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    Re : Handing over BMRDA approved layout to panchayat

    The common areas like roads, parks etc are already relenquished to Panchayat if the layout is 100% legal. There is nothing more left to give to Panchayat for additional facilities.


    • ranjanidiya
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      Thank you. Do we have this informwation anywhere in the govt website?
      Is there an option to transfer the BMRDA approved sites aswell to Panchayat?

    • inboxsurvey
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      The Developer is supposed to provide you relenquished certificates which shows that the roads, park are relenquished to Panchayat. It will have seal also. It is as per the BMRDA rules. If it is done so then you can visit concerned Panchayat office to request for water facilities fot plantation, borewell, roads etc. This is all theory. It depends on Panchayat how they respond to requests.
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