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BDA Site Dimension issue


BDA Site Dimension issue

Last updated: March 17 2020
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  • BDA Site Dimension issue

    Hi, I am planning to buy a site from private builder, as per the layout approved it is 30x40, they are selling to me 35*40 and they say the near by site was bought with 25*40 instead of 30*40. is it possible to change the dimension after bda approval, they say CDR is revised as per the new purchase? is it safe to buy the site with respect to the above issue?
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    Re : BDA Site Dimension issue

    The sites are always as per the approved BDA plan. Dont fall for the builders tricks. Do a thorough legal verification. Check the Sanction Plan, title deeds etc. If possible, take a loan from SBI or HDFC. They do the best legal checks. And dont commit any money without thorough verification. Market is really really bad and you will not get any money back if you back out.


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