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Bangalore resale flat for purchase


Bangalore resale flat for purchase

Last updated: July 21 2020
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  • Bangalore resale flat for purchase

    Hi all ,

    we have a 1000sqft apartment in 4th floor for sale at 50lakh. I dont know the land share but other flats in the same locality have been sold for arounf 38lakh 1 year back.

    The apartment is 14 years old but has excellent ventilation, play area for kids, gym and a working pool. How do i negotiate the flat for around 40lakh?

    furniture of the house is good as it is an ex-army person who owned this house and stayed there for 14 years. Kindly please tell some tips to negotiate and also how to calculate the flat rate?

    we came to 40lakh based on what we heard from our owner in this apartment who keeps saying houses get sold here for 35 to 38 lakhs. apartment has total of 100 units.
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    Re : Bangalore resale flat for purchase

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