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I want land from government for starting NGO


I want land from government for starting NGO

Last updated: July 26 2020
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  • I want land from government for starting NGO

    I quit my job last year, and didn't had a chance to do another job. So I want some help in getting agriculture land or normal land from government so that I can build a home and start an NGO later.

    Government have lot of schemes and all are related to Bank Interest rates, and tax only not anything with direct money.

    If I can build a home under 5Lakh why would I need a interest subsidy of 2.75 lakhs?

    If government can give me land and 5 lakhs money for construction from any policy it can that will help me.

    I am in a situation, where registration of NGO needs address requirements and no one is willing to give me one. And I want to start NGO at any cost.

    I hope governement and people will help me.

    Please help me if anyone can in this forum by answering me how can I get free unused land from government.

    Anyways government don't have any right on land, it just grabbed it because it noticed in first place.
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