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Ferns North Star in Devanahalli, Bangalore


Ferns North Star in Devanahalli, Bangalore

Last updated: September 6 2020
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  • Ferns North Star in Devanahalli, Bangalore

    Hi all,

    I am a new member of this forum. My husband and I are considering buying a plot in Ferns North Star (4500 SQFT * 2500/sqft). We wanted to get some opinions from this forum on the builder and the location of the property.

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    Re : Ferns North Star in Devanahalli, Bangalore

    Ferns North Star seem to be good but not sure whether the price is at par with location.

    Instead of going for large plots, you can invest in smaller plots at stragetic places where development will accelerate. The surrounding areas of Devanahalli are likely to develop faster because it is already closer to infrastructure and civilization. IVC road near airport is also ok but will take time to develop, may be 5+ years. I think same with this place also near Bagalur. Bagalur area will be dominated with large industries related to aeronautical parts and other ancillary industies. IVC road areas will be dominated with less industries and more of residencial colonies, educational institutions and sports & enteretainment complexes.

    By buying smaller plots you can sell faster. If you want to settle or keep for long term investment then it is ok to go ahead. If the location is minus any civilization then it can take longer time to develop or the property to get a better value.


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      Re : Ferns North Star in Devanahalli, Bangalore

      From what I know and seen, Ferns is a good developer though I am not sure the price is justified for the location. I have visited this place and find that there are very few people in there.

      I am interested in pursuing this further too, but not finalized yet.


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