First of all, thanks to the Administrators for such a nice forum. I am learing a lot about real estate in India, and Bangalore in particular, from all the experts.

I have been in touch with some brokers on a few plots in Ramanashree California Gardens in Yelahanka. I am surprised to see the variation in price being quoted by different plot owners. I see some asking over Rs.2500 per sq. ft and most asking about Rs.1600 to 1700 per sq. ft. This layout seems better than the adjacent BDA Duo Marvel or Vinayaka layouts where they are asking Rs.2500 per sq. ft. I am wondering why the plots in Ramanashree are selling at a lower price than Duo Marvel or other adjacent layouts. Why is Ramanashree not catching up on price with other layouts in the proximity? Not that I want to pay more, but I want to make sure that there are no legal issues, the documents are clear and the amenities are provided as promised. The broker thinks we can get it down below Rs.1500 per sq. ft which seems too good to be true given the prices around this area.

Anybody out there who knows about this area and the layout, could you please advise? Appreciate your help.

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  • Living_it_up,

    Yep, I agree with you on your assessment on Doddaballapur Road. I liked this road myself the last time I visited India. It is definitely a great place to call a home someday, or even today. I also agree that NH-7 would be a good investment option if I only had more money :-)

    The one and only thing that is concerning me is the daily commute to any IT company from North Bangalore. There are virtually no major IT companies in North Bangalore. The traffic scares me if I were to get a job somewhere on Sarjapur Road, Whitefield, Electronics city, Bannerghatta Road, or Koramangala outer/inner ring road and the surroundings. Nope, I can't live in an apartment eventhough I like the amenities and the real sense of community there. The real question on my mind right now is, whether to buy a plot in the south or sarjapur road or bannerghatta road or move forward with anywhere on Doddaballapur road. I personally like living on Doddaballapur road or better yet, Ramanashree, but the commute and the IT growth on north Bangalore is holding me back. A lot of my friends like this place too.

    I am quite a ways to retirement, so that's not an option yet :-)

  • Hi PT Naidu,

    Totally empathize with you ... bcos i currently live in Bangalore North and have to commute to Sarjapur Road everyday to my office. Thats where most of the IT offices are as you said.
    And you know the fact - the traffic is scary !

    But the only hope is that since now there is a steady govt in place, hopefully things shud begin to move in the right direction. There was talk of making the Outer Ring Road signal free .. thats quite an ambitious thought and hopefully if it is implemented it would be the best thing to happen to all those living in Bangalore North.

    But if you want to live near the IT hub of Bangalore, i am not really sure if you will be able to get a site / plot in those areas. These are mainly dominated by apartments. And now of course Villas. But I think Whitefield area has some Gated Community projects coming up so if you want to own a site and build your own house then you might want to look at this area.

    I am not sure of how much money you are willing to invest - but the Jakkur Plantations area, just next to the Yelahanka-NH 7 cross and Adjacent to the Vidyashilp school, this area has some real neat villa/row houses projects ( mainly by Sobha and Renaissance (Exotica) ).
    Also Mantri is going to come up with a huge project here. So this is on NH 7 and just next to the Yelahanka cross. Try to find more details about these projects. But the only thing i feel is that these projects will be priced very expensive already.
    So if you are looking for significant appreciation then that might not happen though it would be a wonderful place to reside.

    There are a couple of families living in Ramanashree already and i hear one of them is an IT professional who has retuned from the US. I do not have the contact but if you can somehow find out this person's contact no. then mebbe you can talk to him personally and ask him all your Qs.
    It makes sense before you invest so much money.

    And just FYI, the Ramanashree ppl had an additional 1,50,000 sq ft of land adjacent to the current layout. This additional land is also up for sale.

    And of course, if only all of us had a li'l bit more money !!
    Then i am sure none of us wud have any use of this forum right ... ;-))
  • Thanks, living_it_up. Appreciate your timely response.

    How long does it take for you to commute to Sarjapur road? How long during peak hours and non-peak hours? I am sure Bike will take shorter time, do you know how long would it take on a car and a bike?

    Is there anything happening about Metro rail? Is it supposed to connect Whitefiled, Sarjapur road, Electronics city, Bannerghatta Road etc?

    I am not sure how many bridges do they have to build to make outer ring road signal free, but it would be nice if it ever happens.

    I am glad to hear we will have a stable government in Karnataka, and hopefully things will move fast in the right direction. I still dream of Bangalore getting it's charm back, and the citizens as friendly as they were in 80's or early 90's.
  • PT Naidu,

    check these links out -

    This Puttenahalli lake is just adjacent to the Ramanashree California Gardens Layout ( I am not sure if you have checked out the surrounding areas around this layout )

    Seems like they are going to make this lake into a tourist area through a Bird conservation project ...( with watch towers, trekking paths etc ).

    This is just FYI ...
    Though I think, having a house in such serene surroundings in bangalore will be great ... i mean given that the city is choked with traffic and pollution ... coming back home to a place which has a bird sanctuary next to it seems like quite an idyllic idea ... ;-) ...
  • Metro :)

    It might take another 5-8 yrs for completion. it does not connect Whitefield/Sarjapore @ present.
  • Hey PT Naidu,
    the Economic Times edition of 18th June once again mentions that the Ring Road will be made signal free...

    Rs 3,600-cr rail link to fix BIAL woes

    PPP Model To Be Followed, Says Yeddyurappa

    Our Political Bureau BANGALORE

    EXASPERATED by the delays in the start of the proposed elevated expressway from Bangalore city centre to the new international airport at Devanahalli, the BS Yeddyurappa-led BJP regime has given the green signal for implementing a high-speed rail link at an estimated cost of Rs 3,600 crore.
    The chief minister explained that the proposed high speed rail link, to be taken up on private-public-partnership (PPP) model, was aimed at covering the 33 km distance from the city to the BIAL greenfield airport in 25 minutes.
    A check-in counter for the BIAL passengers was proposed to be built at Cubbon Road in the heart of the city to eliminate the hassle of reaching the airport, he said.
    Declaring that he was determined to initiate a series of programmes to realise his dream of transforming Bangalore into a global city, Yeddyurappa said the construction of the 115 km peripheral ring road (PRR) at an estimated cost of Rs 3,000 crore was another ambitious project for decongesting the city.
    Global tenders for the first phase of the PRR project, involving a length of 65 km, linking Tumkur Road to Hosur Road,
    would be invited by the BDA over
    the next three months. The total cost of the project is estimated at Rs 3,000 crore, including land acquisition, he said. The project would be taken up on Build-Own-Transfer (BOT) or annuity basis, he said pointing out that the details would be finalised soon.
    IN ADDITION, the existing outer ring road (ORR), built by the BDA, from Central Silk Board junction to Hebbal Flyover on Bellary Road, would be converted into a seamless road by removing traffic signals to ease the flow of traffic.
  • Thanks

    Excellent information, living_it_up. This is the kind of information I miss being away from home. Thank you. I just have to browse these web sites more often, uh? By the way, you will make a good marketing guy :-)

    Yes, Bangalore could use infrastructure projects like these. I just hope these projects succeed and the traffic hell eases up in Bangalore. I am also so happy to hear about plans to turn Puttenahalli lake into a Bird sanctuary. I am a nature lover myself, and this news is awesome and I would support this in every way possible. By the way, Doddaballapur Road is one of my all time favorite spots in Bangalore.

    Could you please comment on the current commute conditions from Yelahanka/Ramanashree to Sarjapur road and electronics city? How long does it take by bike and car? How long does it take to MG Rd or other central city areas?

    Thanks arin_12 for your comment on estimated time of completion. I understand projects this magnitude take pretty long time in Bangalore.

    Appreciate your responses here.
  • 2 + hrs

    Could you please comment on the current commute conditions from Yelahanka/Ramanashree to Sarjapur road and electronics city? How long does it take by bike and car? How long does it take to MG Rd or other central city areas?

    Not less than 2 hrs.
  • Thanks

    living_it_up, arin_12 et al.,

    I sent you PMs thanking for all the information you posted on this thread. I appreciate it a lot. Please keep posting or send me PMs on any developments you hear in North Bangalore. I will truly appreciate it.

    Thanks once again.

    By the way, Doddaballapur Road was terribly bad the last time I drove. Are there any improvements now? Have they resurfaced the road or expanded it? Are there any plans to do so?

    I also hear all kinds of complaints/grieves about the new Intl airport. Are there any major expansion plans in the near future? How about all the roads connecting the city? Are they all laid per the original plan?
  • Hey PTNaidu,

    I think you drove on the Yelahanka - Doddaballapur Road quite some time back then ...

    That Road will either be made into a Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR) or an Intermediate Ring Road (IRR).
    Here is the link -

    The last time i went on this road, they had started doubling its width from the Yelahanka Police Station onwards. Lets see how this work progresses.

    And abt the BIAL airport - u r right. There was a negative response in the first few days after it opened. I personally shot a mail to them blasting them and telling them that the BIAL was no where near the new Hyderabad airport in comparison. They did reply promptly apologizing and explaining their plans. And today's newspapers have carried those plans making it official.
    BIAL will be expanding shortly with a new terminal. They will be going in for a second runway too. So hopefully things will be much better.

    The new BJP govt here seems to be going all out on its Bangalore Infrastructure development. And again they have mentioned that making the Ring Road signal free from Silk Board to Hebbal Flyover as a prioirity.
    I am just waiting for that to happen.

    And if the Peripehral Ring Road's first phase is competed that will push all the trucks from the current Outer Ring Road to the new PRR. That should make travelling to Sarjapur even more easier.
  • Thanks again

    Good to know, living_it_up.

    Thanks again.
  • current land prices in Ramanshree California Gardens

    What would be the current per sq. ft proce for a 50 X 100 ft. Plot in California Gardens and will one have to pay annual property taxes on the land if you do not build any property on the Plot for next several years?

    Appreciate any current information you can provide.

  • Hi AKG ... well thats the toughest question for those of us wanting to buy a plot in Ramanashree ... if u see the first message - the rate quoted varies widely - from 1600 Rs/sq ft to 3000 Rs/sq ft. Depends on who the owner of the plot is.

    If the owner is based locally and handling the sale of the site himself and is in no hurry, then the rate is higher.

    If the owner is based outside India and the sale is being handled by some agents here, then the rate is quite erratic. No pattern at all.

    So difficult to answer that question.
    About property taxes, yeah, I think like any other property that you own, you will have to pay some taxes every year to the authorities.

    If you get any idea idea about the rates, can you please update us too.

  • Sorry, was away for a while.

    I heard from some trusted sources that the price is ranging from 1900 to 2400 depends on the size and location within the layout. I am sure there is some room for negotiation, but I definitely see the prices going up.
  • Hmmm ... i had been there recently ... 5 houses are up .. since the sites are big in size the houses are also pretty big .... and look pretty neat ..

    Hmmm ... once more such big houses are up and it becomes a live-able community, then i think the rates might go up quite a bit ....