First of all, thanks to the Administrators for such a nice forum. I am learing a lot about real estate in India, and Bangalore in particular, from all the experts.

I have been in touch with some brokers on a few plots in Ramanashree California Gardens in Yelahanka. I am surprised to see the variation in price being quoted by different plot owners. I see some asking over Rs.2500 per sq. ft and most asking about Rs.1600 to 1700 per sq. ft. This layout seems better than the adjacent BDA Duo Marvel or Vinayaka layouts where they are asking Rs.2500 per sq. ft. I am wondering why the plots in Ramanashree are selling at a lower price than Duo Marvel or other adjacent layouts. Why is Ramanashree not catching up on price with other layouts in the proximity? Not that I want to pay more, but I want to make sure that there are no legal issues, the documents are clear and the amenities are provided as promised. The broker thinks we can get it down below Rs.1500 per sq. ft which seems too good to be true given the prices around this area.

Anybody out there who knows about this area and the layout, could you please advise? Appreciate your help.

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