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First Residence - Places to look at?


First Residence - Places to look at?

Last updated: July 29 2008
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  • First Residence - Places to look at?


    I am looking to buy a residence (house/apartment) in Bangalore. I am quite in-experienced in this field (this is the first time I am about to go about a deal concerning house / flat) and am looking for a good locality to stay, which should also be in my budget

    I am not looking for an "investment" to make a quick profit by selling the place in a few years and so would really like to know which areas would be good in this regard (i.e. which hold promise of developing in the near future even if they are not that developed now).
    Based on my limited knowledge of Bangalore, I am looking at areas in and around HSR to Marathahalli (as my bro works in the ITES sector and is also planning to come over to Bangalore).

    Would really appreciate advice from the people here regarding this.

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