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Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

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Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

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    Vacant spot to go green

    ByY Maheswara Reddy / Updated: Aug 1, 2022, 06:20 IST

    About 30 volunteers from Save Green and residents from the police quarters planted saplings near KR Puram on Saturday

    Volunteers, residents join hands to plant saplings near KR Puram; want to plant more trees in future

    The vacant spot in front of the police quarters near KR Puram was full of garbage and weeds for many years. However, the space is now gearing up to house around 250 trees in the future.

    On Saturday, around 30 volunteers from Save Green and residents from the police quarters joined hands to plant saplings. They have also decided to water these saplings on a regular basis.

    “It took one day to prepare the ground for planting saplings. We used an earth moving machine to level the land. There is a patch of vacant land at the entrance. It is not possible to prepare this place for planting saplings right now.

    We will level the land in the near future and plant around 50 saplings,’’ said Thejaswini, Vice President, Save Green. Many people have appreciated Save Green volunteers for their effort.

    “I appreciate the volunteers for selecting government land for planting saplings. The rate of survival of saplings planted on the road side is very low due to shopkeepers and stray cattle,’’ said Balaji Raghotham, a lake activist.

    Basavaraj, a Head Constable, said that the residents were happy with the noble work carried out by the volunteers.

    “They visited the spot before meeting the higher authorities for permission to plant saplings. Our higher officials inspected the spot. I have also joined them to plant saplings. I am very happy with their work,’’ he said.

    Thanking the volunteers for an opportunity to work with them, Ganesh R, a journalist who works for a Tamil newspaper, said that he has been associated with Save Green for more than three years.

    “I love greenery. I planted around 60 saplings on Hosur-Krishnagiri Road. I commute to Hosur on a daily basis. I am looking after these saplings. I also associate with Save Green volunteers to plant trees at different locations in Bengaluru,’’ he said.

    I planted around 60 saplings on Hosur-Krishnagiri Road. I am looking after these saplings

    – Ganesh R, journalist
    Ramya R, an MBA student and volunteer of Save Green, also participated along with other volunteers to level the land and clear garbage on the police quarters premises.

    Another volunteer, Senthil M, who works at a BPO, said that he would allocate weekends for planting saplings. “It is a pleasure for me to participate in environmental activities,’’ he said.

    Meanwhile, Hemant K, president of Save Green, said that the volunteers have already selected a place for planting the trees.

    “We are planning to plant around 200 saplings at a BDA Park near Gottigere Police Station,’’ he informed.

    It may be recalled that Save Green volunteers beautified one of the worst black spots on Kammanahalli Link Road near Gottigere a month ago, bringing immense relief to around 150 families residing in Sai Supreme Apartments.

    Vacant spot to go green (
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      Bengaluru urban fails to recharge as groundwater levels drop further

      Niranjan Kaggere / TNN / Updated: Aug 3, 2022, 07:50 IST

      Representative purpose only

      BENGALURU: Groundwater table in Karnataka has witnessed the much-needed recovery in almost all districts barring Bengaluru Urban. Apart from a few swathes, groundwater table across Bengaluru Urban has failed to recharge despite heavy rain, overflowing lakes and flash floods.

      The water table which was 800 to 900 feet deep in some places all these years has now plummeted further by 75 to 100 feet (in the state capital), say officials.

      As per an assessment by Karnataka Groundwater Authority (KGA) under the minor irrigation department, for 2021, the groundwater table across Karnataka has risen by 2 to 4 metres. But in Bengaluru, barring a few areas, the it has plummeted by more than 4 metres on average. In fact, the extraction rate of groundwater table across Bengaluru is such that the district is left with no groundwater reserves for future use, according to the report, a copy of which was accessed by TOI.

      Pointing to Bengaluru's limited scope for recharge of groundwater table, a senior KGA official said: "Unlike other districts, Bengaluru doesn't have infrastructure to support percolation of water. Due to change in land use pattern over the years resulting in concretisation of surface, rainwater is discharged as runoff and there is hardly any effort to recharge the groundwater table. Hence, the city has been notified under 'red list' (over exploited) from earlier 'grey list' (critical)."

      As per the report: "Fall in water level less than 2 metres is observed in isolated patches of Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural and other districts. The fall in groundwater table beyond 4 metres is noticed in several parts of the city along with Mysuru, Shivamogga and a couple of other districts." Assessing the water table condition across Karnataka, the officials measured water levels at more than 1,200 points. "Depending on the geographical terrain, all taluks have a borewell point where our officials monitor the water level periodically," explained a scientific officer at KGA.

      "The government's decision to fill up tanks with river water along with the KC Valley project to fill up lakes in Kolar and Chikkaballapur has resulted in considerable recharge of the water table. Wherever lakes have been desilted, recharge has been good. In Bengaluru, neither are lakes desilted nor is there any open space for rainwater to percolate, affecting the groundwater table," said another senior officer ed.

      Bengaluru urban fails to recharge as groundwater levels drop further | Bengaluru News - Times of India (
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      • Re : Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

        Different road, same woes faced by commuters

        Bangalore Mirror Bureau / Updated: Aug 2, 2022, 06:00 IST

        Rainwater entered in the shops nearby on Bannerghatta Road
        By Shreyashi Mukherjee

        Commuting on Bannerghatta Road becomes a Herculean task every time it rains as several parts of the road get flooded.

        The patch of road starting from the Puttenahalli signal along with other patches gets flooded even if it rains for a few minutes. After Sunday’s showers, the road was flooded and commuters were stuck there for hours.

        The commuters said the road was asphalted recently, but the condition has not improved.

        Kavitha Reddy, a commuter, said, “Every time it rains, the road gets flooded. I agree that Bengaluru rains can sometimes be intense but yesterday the rain was only for 10 minutes. With such little amount of rain, the road is getting flooded, what will happen when there is heavy rainfall? Yesterday, I was stuck there for two hours.”

        The commuters informed Bangalore Mirror that because of the flooding the traffic had to be diverted which caused traffic congestion as vehicles going both ways were using only one road.

        They also said that the food delivery valets were putting objects on the road where there was an open manhole which was covered with water on the flooded road to warn the commuters.

        Ashok G, another commuter, said, “There was so much water on the road that it was difficult to take my bike. It is very dangerous for all the commuters. The police had asked us to use the other way and there was total confusion. There was traffic congestion for hours and it was difficult to use that road as well. All this because of just 10 minutes of rain.”

        Even the shopkeepers had a hard time because the rainwater had entered their shops.

        Manju K, a tea shop owner, said, “Yesterday my shop was filled with water. More than half the day went in cleaning the shop, I had kept my cups on the floor and all that got spoiled. This happens every time it rains. The metro work is also almost over; the authorities are not doing anything to make the situation better.”

        The BBMP officials said that they would look into the matter and start working soon.

        Different road, same woes faced by commuters (
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        • Re : Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

          Stormy forecast for Sai Layout

          BySridhar Vivan / Updated: Aug 3, 2022, 06:00 IST

          Sai Layout completely inundated
          All it takes to turn Sai layout in Horamavu into a lake is a short spell of rain.

          This is the third deluge in the last 2.5 months (May 18, June 18, and Aug 2), and residents blame a narrow rajakaluve near the railway bridge for this.

          Due to continuous rainfall over the last few days, the water level is more than a foot high on the roads, leaving many houses flooded. Residents complain of all their belongings being washed away from inside their homes.They also said that the Rs 25,000 compensation from the BBMP is of no use as they require a permanent solution.

          A few residents say that the local MLA and Minister BA Basavaraj visited the area and promised to solve their problems at the earliest. However, even after two months, their problems stayed the same. Most of the tenants who were on the ground floor are vacating the houses.

          Meanwhile, BBMP officials claimed that they were inspecting the area and motor pumps were being used to flush out the water.

          More rains in the city

          Met experts have predicted widespread moderate showers with isolated heavy rain associated with strong surface winds, thunderstorms, and lightning activity over the BBMP area for the next two days. Maximum and minimum temperatures are likely to be around 29 and 20 degrees Celsius, respectively. Isolated heavy to very heavy rains are predicted in Shivamogga, Chikkamagaluru, Kodagu, Hassan, Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada and Udupi districts.

          39 deaths reported, houses destroyed

          Many districts are reeling from incessant rainfall and the Met department has predicted heavy rainfall across the state in the next few days. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai held a video conference with Deputy Commissioners of 11 rain affected districts today.

          Rain damages in state
          1. Agricultural crops: 3,499 hectares of land destroyed
          2. Horticultural crops: 2,057 hectares destroyed
          3. Houses completely destroyed: 2,430
          4. Houses partially damaged: 4,378
          5. Human lives lost: 39
          6. Death of livestock: 99
          7. Urban roads damaged: 1,730 km
          8. Rural roads damaged: 5,419 km
          9. Electric poles damaged: 11,796
          10. Transformers damaged: 759

          Stormy forecast for Sai Layout (

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          • Re : Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

            Rain puts a spell on Vijayanagar that it can’t shake off

            Bangalore Mirror Bureau / Updated: Aug 4, 2022, 06:00 IST

            Submerged vehicles outside Shreya Hearing Clinic
            By Shreyashi Mukherjee

            Every rainy day, sewage enters clinics, and vehicles submerged in parking area require urgent repair

            Residents and commuters in Vijayanagar have been facing immense trouble ever since heavy rains started lashing the city. Clinics in the area under Attiguppe Metro Station are in a mess as sewage water from the drains in front have been entering them.

            The in-charges of these clinics say that the entire area gets flooded by water from the drains every time it rains.

            Dr Subodh Mahato, owner of Physio X10, said, “The drain is right in front of the clinic. Every time it rains, our clinic gets flooded with sewage and even after cleaning, the entire place remains muddy. All our equipment has been damaged. It was a heavy loss for us.”

            Shilpa S, in charge of Shreya Hearing clinic, said, they have been spending thousands of rupees to get their clinic cleaned. “There have been so many times when we had to shut down our clinic because so much water had entered. Due to frequent flooding, we are not able to use the clinic properly and cannot treat patients as easily.

            The place smells so bad after a spell of rain because of the dirty water.”

            The area also serves as a parking spot for all the people who use the Metro.

            Asha k, a student, said, “I usually park my scooter in this area as I use the Metro. Last Saturday, I was coming back in the evening and there was heavy rain. The road was filled with water and all the vehicles had gone under it.” Asha had to wait for almost two hours for the water to subside and only then was she able to locate her scooter.

            Commuters also complain that their vehicles had gotten damaged because of excess water entering them. Rohan Balan, a commuter, said, “I had parked my vehicle here and gone to work on Saturday. In the evening, it started raining and my vehicle had gone under water. I was not ale to start the bike and had to leave it there.” He said he had to get it to the mechanic the next day, and was told that the engine was damaged.” A BBMP official told BM that they would make arrangements to sort the issue.

            Rain puts a spell on Vijayanagar that it can’t shake off (
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            • Re : Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

              Rain, not Covid, puts apartment in isolation

              Bangalore Mirror Bureau / Updated: Aug 4, 2022, 06:00 IST

              The muddy road currently in use by the residents

              By Shreyashi Mukherjee

              Residents of Sri Emerald Park Apartment in Marathahalli are facing a lot of problems because of the deluge caused by heavy rains.

              They say that following an inspection, the BBMP started work on the 100 Feet Road around 29 days back to widen drains. However, just a few days ago, BBMP workers dug up the only road that is in front of the apartment, connecting them to the Outer Ring Road.

              Despite the situation improving a little, rains have turned the road completely muddy.

              Rajesh K, a resident of the apartment, said, “We were not able to come out onto the road at all. It literally felt like we were stuck on an island, disconnected from the outside world. The authorities had provided an alternative road for us, but that is a park which is extremely muddy, and the condition becomes worse when it rains. I have fallen into the mud so many times, and so have others.”

              School buses have reportedly stopped coming inside the area as well, causing problems for the school children. Even delivery services are not working properly in the area.

              Rohith Mathur, another resident, said, “Recently, a bus got stuck in the mud. The roads become so muddy it is difficult to walk.”

              Nishita M, also a resident of the apartment, said, “Delivery boys from different food outlets and even grocery stores were not able to use the road and come to the apartment. All our orders were getting cancelled. Even the car services were not able to come inside the premises and all our bookings were cancelled.”

              Jithin R, another resident, complained of authorities digging up the road without taking prior permission.

              “There are so many people residing here and they did not even inform anyone before going ahead with the work,” he added.

              When asked about the situation, BBMP officials said that they would fix the problem as soon as possible.

              Rain, not Covid, puts apartment in isolation (

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                Posh layout turns island

                Bangalore Mirror Bureau / Updated: Aug 5, 2022, 06:00 IST

                Residents of Rainbow Drive Layout stage a protest

                It is one of the posh localities of Bengaluru, but the downpour did not spare anyone. Rainbow Drive Layout on Sarjapur Road has been off from the other parts of the city for the last two days now. As its roads turned into pools, residents had to wade through to even to protest.

                Priyanca Mathur is a Professor at Jain University and a resident of this layout. “I need to reach the university to take the classes on time. But with roads full of water, it is so difficult,” she told Bangalore Mirror.

                Balaji Suresh, an engineer, put the blame on the shoddy drainage system that was unable to tackle even small amount of rain. “The outlet drains are blocked by debris. There are several defects in the design such as pipes are inaccessible under the road and have no capacity to carry water,” he said.

                He said the last few times the BBMP cleared the pipes, only a few stones were removed. “Added to this sewage pipe is connected to the storm water drains. Overflow from the lakes is damaging the roads and drains,” he said. Raja Vonna, an IT professional said they have been cut off from the main road for the last 48 hours.

                “Tractor is the only means of transport for patients, school-going kids or essential services,” he said.

                Posh layout turns island (
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                • Re : Latest RE News : Bangalore & other major Cities of Karnataka

                  Drone mapping done in 2,600 villages of Karnataka

                  Read more at:

                  So far, 2,664 villages have been mapped using drones. An MoU was signed between Karnataka’s Revenue department and Survey of India in February 2019.

                  BENGALURU: Have you been spotting more drones of late? They are on a mission to draw boundaries of villages, which hitherto were non-existent in official records.

                  Currently, the Survey of India (SoI) is preparing a new large-scale topographical map covering 51,000 sq km of land in Bengaluru Urban, Ramnagar, Belagavi, Uttara Kannada, Hassan and Tumakuru districts. So far, 2,664 villages have been mapped using drones. An MoU was signed between Karnataka’s Revenue department and Survey of India in February 2019.

                  “Unlike the previous maps that had a scaling of 1:50,000, the current map comes with a scale of 1:500. Earlier, the smallest mappable unit was 100 by 100 metres and now it will be one by one metre. Earlier, two or three societies were shown as a single block while now even the external furniture can be mapped,” said a senior official of SoI, Dehradun.

                  These high-resolution maps will be helpful to the revenue department in modernising its records. Officials term this as a goldmine for the revenue and municipal departments as every asset will be mapped in detail. In the second phase, maps for Kodagu, Davanagere, Dharwad, Kalaburgi, Dakshina Kannada, Vijayapura, Gadag and Mysuru districts will be made.

                  Union Minister for the state in Panchayat Raj department, Kapil Moreshwari Patil said, “The Central Sector Scheme “SVAMITVA” aims to provide the ‘Record of Rights’ to village household owners possessing houses in inhabited areas (Abadi) in villages with the issuance of legal ownership rights. The scheme aims to cover 6.62 lakh villages from the financial year 2020-21 to 2024-25. It is being implemented with the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Survey of India (SoI), State Revenue Department, State Panchayati Raj Department and National Informatics Centre (NIC).”

                  According to the SWAMITVA project, the details will provide the ‘record of rights’ to village household owners possessing property, in turn, they can use their property as a financial asset for taking loan. The main objectives of this project are to bring financial stability, creation of accurate land records for rural planning, determination of property tax, creation of survey infrastructure and GIS maps and reduce property-related disputes and legal cases.
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                    270 lawyers keen on buying BDA flats on outskirts

                    This follows a visit facilitated by BDA for 270 lawyers on Saturday (July 30) to showcase the houses built by it.

                    Published: 06th August 2022 07:20 AM | Last Updated: 06th August 2022 07:20 AM | A+A A- BENGALURU: Flats built by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) at Kanminike and Kommaghatta, which had few takers due to the distance factor, are set to find buyers as lawyers have evinced a keen interest to buy them in bulk. This follows a visit facilitated by BDA for 270 lawyers on Saturday (July 30) to showcase the houses built by it.

                    A senior BDA official told The New Indian Express that more than half of those who visited the flats were keen on purchasing them. “They are keen on buying at least 150 flats and we are presently negotiating the discount to be offered. The Hunnigere villa project (near Magadi Road) comprising 3-BHK and 4-BHK houses are being considered by senior advocates. While the lawyers want a 10 per cent discount, BDA had intended on offering a 5% discount. Talks are still on to arrive at a consensus,” he said. BDA will have to take the approval from its Board and the government before going ahead with it.

                    2BHK flats at Kanminike and Kommaghatta are presently sold at two different rates due to Vaastu demands made by public. “A North-facing house costs Rs 25 lakh while a South-facing house is available at Rs 26.5 lakh. The villas are 3-BHK and 4-BHK and the cost ranges between Rs 85 lakh and Rs 1.1 lakh,” he added. Advocates Association president Vivek Subbareddy told TNIE that high-quality flats constructed by a government organisation was the clinching factor.

                    “We found them to be of exceptional quality. The rates are competitive. A 3-BHK flat in Kanminike for Rs 40 lakh is something one cannot get elsewhere as on date,” he said. He hastened to add that the private building mafia was trying to derail the proposal.

                    The Association would be entering into tie-ups with Karnataka Bank, Nyayamitra Bank (only for advocates) and SBI in connection with loans for the purpose, Reddy said. “We are looking at a good discount from the government and the BDA is also ready to offer us the discount,” he added.

                    270 lawyers keen on buying BDA flats on outskirts- The New Indian Express
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                      Bengaluru: Residents and civic agencies trade charges as lake stinks

                      Sanika Athavale / TNN / Updated: Aug 5, 2022, 06:04 IST

                      Encroachments, sewage and dumping of waste are the main issues dogging the waterbody

                      BENGALURU: Once a source of drinking water for the many settlements in Vrishabhavathi valley, Hosakerehalli Lake has deteriorated into a stinking cesspool since early 2000s. Locals say they're fed up of knocking on the doors of civic authorities and political functionaries to take corrective action.

                      Hosakerehalli Kere Samrakshana Vedike, a residential group of 155 members from five neighbouring localities of Banashankari, Hosakerehalli, Pushpagiri Nagar, Gurudatta Layout and Dwarka Nagar, has written to local MLA and horticulture minister N Munirathna, seeking measures to restore and rejuvenate the 60-acre waterbody. Sewage flow, dumping of waste and encroachments are the main issues dogging the lake.

                      The lake was managed by the forest department till 2010, when it was handed over to BBMP. Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) took over in 2011. In 2019, a government order directed the transfer of maintenance duties to BBMP but the same hasn't been officiated.

                      A senior official from BBMP's lakes department said BDA is yet to hand over the lake to them. However, the BDA official overseeing lakes department said the authority has completed its duties and BBMP needs to take responsibility now. "There was a government order and accordingly, we wrote to BBMP to take over. They said three tanks around the lake had breached and we needed to fix that first. We carried out work to improve the lake bund, but BBMP said it is only temporary. However, we have given a permanent solution and cannot keep reworking as per BBMP's demands. They are not complying with the government order," a BDA official said.

                      For the takeover to be officiated, BBMP has to visit the site and formally check its condition and prepare a list of assets, lake details and technical data. The document needs to be verified by BDA and signed, like an MoU. While the BBMP lakes department merely told TOI "official procedures are pending", BDA said BBMP is not fulfilling its part of the job.

                      Under Amruth Nagarothana scheme, BBMP received Rs 229 crore to revive 26 lakes in the city, but Hosakerehalli Lake is not on that list. When the residents met minister Munirathna on July 30, they were reportedly told they shouldn't expect any work to be done before the 2023 assembly elections. The MLA recently sought a Rs 50-crore grant to revive Mallathahalli Lake and received Rs 15 crore..

                      He said rejuvenation of Hosakerehalli Lake is on the list of his priorities but he will do it after finishing other works in Jnanabharthi ward for which money has been sanctioned in the 2021-2022 budget.

                      Bengaluru: Residents and civic agencies trade charges as lake stinks | Bengaluru News - Times of India (
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