has anyone purchased an apt in Whitefield in either DSR Greenfield and Gopalan.

The price quoted is 3000 for DSR greenfield and for Gopalan the price is 3400.
Any feedback about these projects?
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  • Don't ever touch DSR apartments from DSR Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd., we had decided to invested in their DSR Ultima project and cancelled the plan after seeing the progress and quality of work at other projects - DSR Rainbow Heights, DSR Spring Beauty, DSR Greenfields.

    The common problem with this builder is deviations (you will not get NOC from authorities - please check with owners of DSR Rainbow Heights, completed 2 years back) even the owners of DSR Ultima and DSR Greenfields are frustrated withe the delays and planning to take legal action against the builder as he has changed the plan and giving them very few amenities. Instead they are saving money by cutting short on amenities promised, building parkings in the open space (originally planned for landscaping - this was also done at DSR Spring Beauty and residents had to initiate legal action against the builder.

    The quality of planning, execution and workmanship is pathetic..speak to some of their project engineers, supervisors and you will be able to judge their skills. They employ their relatives in key roles - project manager leading the DSR Sunrise project is the owners brother-in-law.
    They also sell the premium flats to their relatives and throw-away price and spoil the environment of the society.

    Plumbing and electrical work at their projects is a joke..please verify with the owners of DSR Ultima and DSR Greenfields on their sufferings. The contractors employed are again relatives of the builder and no action is taken against them for poor quality of work, exorbitant charges and gross indiscipline.

    The promised amenities always remain a promise and not delivered....any one of you can verify this by visiting DSR Ultima & DSR Greenfields

    DSR are not trustworthy - They don't get you occupancy certificate, Khata, rain water harvesting systems. Their bores dry up within an year of operation.

    Visit the completed apartments of DSR and talk to people before making decision - DSR Ultima, Spring Beauty, Elegance, Green Vista, DSR Greenfields...

    Spring Beauty area was under litigation.. i guess now its solved

    Elegance - built on drains

    None of these have OC, Khata in place.
    You will spend a little more with a better builder and get approvals, and have a peaceful sleep.