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Different phase of real estate boom in Bangalore


Different phase of real estate boom in Bangalore

Last updated: January 11 2007
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  • Different phase of real estate boom in Bangalore

    Bangalore tops the country in real estate and construction boom. I have heard reports that the real estate boom might start to cool off in the next few months. Banks have started to apply breaks on their home loans from what I can gather. I hear that there is an over-capacity or an over-supply of homes in certain areas like Whitefield, which in the good old days was considered to be well outside the city limits. In spite of the supposed over-supply, I see and read new developments and apartment complex announced in the papers every day. Perhaps it will be a while before see the impact of the brakes applied by the financial and other institutions.

    Because of all this construction work in Bangalore, the noise pollution level is H-I-G-H. It seems that there are no laws when it comes to construction work. People work round the clock, and it is worse in apartment and other housing complexes, where the workers are busy finishing up that modular kitchen or that built in cupboard in the bedrooms. You can hear the constant loud din of construction work (the constant hammering, sawing, drilling and other wonderful sounds) where you go in Bangalore, more so on what was once considered the suburbs of Banglaore. Somehow the good folks of Bangalore seem to tolerate the constant din of construction work. I recollect reading a few months ago in the Times of India that Bangalore had the highest levels of noise pollution in the country, and that the levels far exceeded the acceptable levels.
    An upshot of this hectic construction activity is the migration of people from all over India to metro cities. Here is what I have gathered from my unscientific study of the migrant workers in Bangalore. Most of the plumbers are from Orissa; security folks are from Jharkhand and Bihar; construction workers are from Bengal; carpenters are from Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh (specifically from Gorakhpur and Juanpur area); and the painters are from Maharashtra. You will find a similar profile of sorts for Bombay too. Most of the carpenters are from the UP area, with a handful from Rajasthan.

    I wonder if anyone has done any kind of sociological study in recent time about the migrant workers?

    Incidentally, the film Khosla ka Ghosla captured the transition of India very well. The Indian middle class obsession with owning your own home is beautifully captured in this film. The movie is soaked in the local Delhi flavor, complete with an obsession for that gleaming, shiny, name plate hanging on the wall!

    Written by Kamla Bhatt
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    Re : Different phase of real estate boom in Bangalore

    Hi, I have seen this movie with my friends…. it really nice movie and somehow very funny too That movie has shown the truths that are facing normal people in India because of boom in real estate market… i think, it is the time when we have to concern on this issue….
    What do u think guys…..


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