Property prices falling in Bangalore...
Though I hear lot about Property prices falling in Bangalore, I do not really see much change in the prices and builders/developers are not reducing the price as such.
- Has anyone done any kind of analysis whether the market price will go down in 2-3 months? Will builders reduce the price.
- Can we negotiate better with the builders, siting future down fall as in scope. Would the builders consider the future drop and give us good sqft rate? If anyone has negotiated on these lines, please share. It would be helpful if you can share who was the builder with whom you could negotiate and how did you approach about negotiation.
- What are the best areas in Bangalore where the real estate price is not very high and affordable living.
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  • It's the same story everywhere. Media is creating a smokescreen by announcing humongous drops in the property prices, which is quite far from the truth. The builders/brokers are still holding on to their inflated prices and are stubbornly refusing to come down. The best way is to stop buying anything for another 6 months. Let those idiots accept reality and come down to a level that is fair.
  • pumping steam..

    Builders and agents trying to pump-in steam in to the engine through Media. They want you to believe that the engine is accelerating, when on the ground it is retarding.