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Property price in Ramamurthy nagar


Property price in Ramamurthy nagar

Last updated: February 13 2009
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  • Property price in Ramamurthy nagar

    Hi there,

    I am planning to buy a flat in bangalore and have visited places around . finally i had a visit to this NRI layout of Ramamurthy nagar with my family and it seems to be promising in terms of development in coming years .
    Well this particular Constructions Amulya park , NRI layout has offered me 33 lakhs for a two bedroom 1350 sqft flat .

    Now since i am new to the place and wondering if someone could advise on a few couple of questions .

    1. Am i being offered the right price or is it the ideal going rate at the moment for this set of flats?

    2. In terms of area is this the right place to invest? (including facilites and ambience)

    3. How about the other property prices in terms of independent house/flat in and around ramamurthy nagar?
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