Does anyone has any idea on the same ? this one is coming up in the road leading towards ECity Phase I. Plans look good, following are th details, experts please do direct me. I have been dropping projects after research since I couldn't find really one to suit my budget and locality. I want to stay within 5-10km radius of BTM.

UDS - 30-35%
Carpet Area - 75%
Price per sqft - 3270
Location - Next to BMW show room in hosur road.
Project Name: Keerthi Royal Palms / Oyster Infra

As people say the less you hear about some project its good. But I think the more I get to see the discussion things will be clarified. Experts please do help me on the same.

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  • Help!

    Any help on if someone has booked in the same or any information from Experts will help. Please do help me on the same..
  • So Bad nearly 200 views and no replies. Please please do advice me on the same, I dropped Valmark Ananda, Nandi and later Aspen Woods because they were very stubborn on price and now they are beyond my reach. So now I am going with Royal Palms please advice me on the same.
  • Excerpt for Environment Clearance SEIAA Meeting


    2. "Keerthi Royal Palms", Residential Apartment with Commercial facilities, Katha No. 21/33/1B, 33/2, 33/1B, 33/2, Berathana Agrahara, Hosur Road, Begur Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bangalore by M/s Keerthi Estates. (SEIAA 214 CON 2011)
    It is a proposal for construction of Residential Apartment of 348 Units with Basement + Ground + 12 Upper floors and Commercial facilities with 2 Basement + Ground Floor + 5 Upper Floors on an area of 18,521.09 Sq.m and with the total built up area of 75,100.21 Sq.m. The total water requirement is 261 KLD and the investment is of Rs. 95 crores. The total parking provided is for 435 cars.

    M/s. Keerthi Estates Private Limited have applied for EC from SEIAA for their new proposed Residential Apartment and Commercial facilities project “Keerthi Royal Palms” at Katha No.21/33/1B, 33/2, Sy. No. 33/1B, 33/2, Berathana Agrahara, Hosur Road, Begur Hobli, Bangalore South Taluk, Bangalore 8(a) of schedule of EIA Notification, 2006 under category-B requiring EC from SEIAA. Total project cost: Rs.95 Crores. Project comes under BBMP.

    Project Details: (a) Land: Total plot area: 18,521.09 Sqm; Total built up area: -66,114.68 Sqm (Residential Apartment) & 75,100.21 Sqm (Commercial building). The project consists of 348 residential units with Basement + Ground Floor & 12 Upper floors. The commercial building consists of 2 Basement Floors + Ground Floor & 5 Upper Floors. (b) Greenery: Landscape area: 6,111.95 Sqm (33% of plot area). (c) Water Requirement: Total water requirement is 261 KLD; Source of water: BWSSB. (d) Soil: Total excavated soil: 38,000 Cum; Backfilling Quantity: 7,500 Cum, landscaping quantity: 4,000 Cum within the project site, 5,500 cum paved and hardscape formation within the project site and excess 21,000 will be disposed through brick manufacture. (e) Sewage: Total quantity generated: 209 KLD, treated in proposed STP of design capacity 250 KLD; Sludge generated: - 96 Kg/day used as manure. (f) Solid Waste: Total generated: 836 Kg/day; Organic waste: 502Kg/day treated in organic converter and product used as manure. Inorganic waste: 334 Kg/day will be sent for recycling. (g) Power Requirement: sourced from BESCOM; Power Backup: 3 X 500 KVA and 1 X 450 KVA DG sets (h) Parking: 614 Numbers.

    Project Surrounding Details: Chikkatogur Lake – 0.5Kms, Rayasandra Lake – 1.5 Kms, Hosa Lake – 2.0 Kms and Begur Lake – 3.25 Kms and the project site is located on off HN-7 (Bangalore – Chikkaballapur Highway) and is at a distance of 17 KMs from Bangalore city railway station. Other Details: Rain Water Harvesting is proposed. CFE obtained from KSPCB on 1.10.2011. NOC obtained from BWSSB.

    The subject was placed in the 79th SEAC meeting held on 9/10.02.2012 and the proponent present explained the project. The proponent informed the following:

    • Chikkatogur Lake is around 500 m downstream of the project.
    • At present UGD facility is not there but it is under BWS&SB plan.
    • The site comes under mixed use development as per CDP.
    • The project is located along Hosur road which connects to Madivala on one side and Hosur on the other side.
    • The existing, projected and modified LoS for Hosur road is B-C-C (Hosur) and B-B-C (Bangalore).

    Dr. Bela Zutshi, Member SEAC observed that CDP plan submitted by the proponent is not to an enlarged scale and toposheet is not submitted along with survey numbers of the project site for 500 m radius and hence, the Committee members are not able to take proper decision. The Committee decided to reconsider the project after obtaining the following information from the proponent:

    1. CDP plan to an enlarged scale with project site marked.
    2. Toposheet with survey numbers of the project site for 500 m radius.
    3. Enhanced power savings.
    4. Social commitment plan for Rs. 10 Lakhs, as committed.

    The proponent has submitted the information on 22.03.2012 with response to this office letter dated: 23.02.2012.

    The subject was placed in the 82nd SEAC meeting held on 27/28.04.2012 and the Committee discussed in detail the information submitted by the proponent. Since the project site location is not clear from the documents submitted by the project proponent as to whether it is abutting to the NH-7 (as per the marked CDP map extract) or located away from the NH- 7 (as per the Topo-sheet marked), the Committee decided to recall the project proponent for clarification and presentation along with the project’s compliance to the OM dated 07.02.2012.

    The proponent has submitted the information on 22.05.2012 with response to this office letter dated: 14.05.2012.

    The Committee reviewed the replies submitted by the project proponent during the meeting held on 22nd June 2012 and accepted the same. After deliberation, the Committee decided to recommend the proposal to SEIAA for issue of environmental clearance.

    The Authority perused proposal and took note of the recommendation of the SEAC.

    The Authority after discussion, decided to clear the proposal for issue of Environmental Clearance subject to submission of the following information:
    a) Details of excavated earth and plan for safe disposal of the excess earth along with particulars of the site proposed for disposal with its present landuse.
    b) Plan to ensure that Chikkthogur lake and other nearby waterbodies are not polluted due to project activity.
    c) Revised specific social commitment plan with activity, budget and time frame.
  • ok this means project is now clear with all NOC's . they have submitted all the necessary documents and clear all the requirements. indeed project is good with all the felicities moreover construction quality is very good.
  • location of the project also good , just on the hosur road and next to BMW showroom. i liked this project, any reviews from those who booked already ? Price ?
  • what is the current rate per sft ?
  • Keerthi Palms is located next to the BMW showroom and near the IT corridors of Sarjapur and Whitefield. The Expressway, at 56 ft, is Bangalore's tallest flyover of 9.985 km starting from Silk Board Junction. The area is flanked by the city's popular Forum Mall on one side and Electronics City on the other, taking you just 15-20 minutes to reach your destination.

    Here are the pricing details below

    Type Type Size (sq. ft.) Price Details
    Apartments 2 BHK 1250 sq. ft. Rs. 38,12,500/-
    Apartments 3 BHK 1500 sq. ft. Rs. 45,75,000/-
    Apartments 3 BHK 1820 sq. ft. Rs. 55,51,000/-
    Penthouses 4 BHK 2150 sq. ft. Rs. 65,57,500/-
    • prababtech1 years ago
      Hello all,

      Did any one booked the flat in Keerthi royal palms recently? What's the price of sq feet?
      I m planning to book, please let me know is it good tobuy ?