Does anyone has information on a builder named BSR developers. They have executed quite a few projects in Chennai and Bangalore such as Jayanti Gardens in Chennai, BSR Mantralaya, BSR Green Park etc.
I need information on the following points -
1.. Construction quality
2.. Whether they deliver the project on time.
3.. Do they honor the agreement made between them and customer or they ask money beyond what is mentioned in agrrement.
4.. Any past records of this builder.

Any information about this builder will help me a lot.

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  • Hi

    I am also looking for the same infromation about bsr developers. BTW which property you are interested is it in bangalore?
  • I am not interested in this developer. This is because I heard negative feedback about this developer
  • can you share the information with me? I am planning to buy a property from him in bangalore
  • His construction quality is not good. Apart from it he doesn't fulfuill his promises. he promised some amenities but later on he asked more money for it. you can easily guess construction quality after visiting his BSR mantralaya project in HSR which i was interested in earlier. bricks were broken in an under construction flat which i was interested in. i was in touch with other people who were intersted in this project but all of them stepped back after seeing the construction quality. not sure about his other projects.
    One more point- his BSR mantralaya project is a joint venture between him and land owner and land owner has given his share of flats for hostel.
  • I repent buying from this builder. Absolutely no quality of service or care for customer. they confront and threaten the customer when asked for finishing up work. they delayed by 6 months to 1 year for some from promised date with no penalty paid and also asking for money for every day to day services if at all something is done.except for basic work all other work is pending for 8 months post occupation now.
    they also swindle money for services, absolutely no transparency in work and shut off power water security etc if their demands are not met.
    bottom line please dont make a fool of yourself and buy from this builder. u'll cry every day for wasting your life time earnings with such mindless ppl.