Hello Experts,

Please enlighten me by providing names of good builders in Bengaluru.

It will be nice to know names apart from following developers.

Brigade, Sobha, Mantri, Puravankura, Prestige,
Nitesh, Adarsh, Salarpuria, HM, Gopalan,
Vakil, Renaissance, Rohan, RMZ, Provident.

Please guide the new buyer :)
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  • Hi Sohant86,

    I am no Expert .but at a very high level it is going to be difficult to find a builder who has satisfied 100% of all his customers. the net is full of customers complaining about their builders.

    At one extreme are builders who have cheated most of their customers and made their life a horror story. On the other hand you will find builders who have displeased a small bunch of their customer on minor issues.

    search threads on this forum for any builder and you will see this trend ..
  • No good builder

    IMO there is no good builder now in Bangalore. There are only big, mid-size and small builders. Every builder now has greed and wants to make a quick and easy buck , cashing on the mad rush of real estate. Every builder has a project that went well and a project that went bad. So you get lucky and unlucky customers.
    And you can add 'Confident' and 'Nitesh estates' to this list. To be fair though, Confident guys, even though they are big, they still have the ethics(and reason) to try and work for their customers.
    The big builder batch(Adarsh, Prestige, Brigade, Shobha, Mantri and Purvankara) act like you are at their mercy. They were all 'good' before they became big and famous(late 90s and early 2000 time).
  • I think I can help you. If you want help please conatc me at panditpradeep@yahoo.com