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Latest Trend: Builders Compete To Increase Prices


Latest Trend: Builders Compete To Increase Prices

Last updated: October 12 2012
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  • Latest Trend: Builders Compete To Increase Prices

    1) Less than 4 weeks ago, Godrej E-City was selling at 2900.

    In no time, it was increased to 2999.

    Now, guys are buying it at 3150.

    All the above can be found as proof in other threads which discuss the above project.

    2) DLF Woodland Heights was 3000 right from their 1st advt. about 3-4 weeks ago on the net and in discussions here by other guys.

    Now, Monday onwards, 15th October onwards, the price is going to be increased to 3250.

    And our friend here Somashekar wants everyone on the Forum to believe that Prices will never rise for the next decade because of the doomsday scenario all around.

    3) Mahindra Homes Project in E-City too has a similar story like the above. I leave it to other guys to mention the exact prices they paid, if someone has booked there.

    But for sure, I have proof of several recently launched projects that have seen prices dancing away to glory like drunken monkeys.

    Sadly, as usual, many on the forum want to believe that Prices Will Keep Crashing Down and Will Never Stand Up and Rise.

    Ahoy! Good Luck!

    4) 7 Magnificent Currently On-going Projects on the C-A belt too have been behaving exactly like the above.

    5) 3 more new Projects on the C-A belt are getting ready for launch. These are in addition to 27 more that are in the approval stage for the C-A belt.
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    Re : Latest Trend: Builders Compete To Increase Prices

    Whoever thinks the RE prices will not rise or will drop is living in fool's paradise....when everything arnd is (prices) increasing than what makes RE to buck that trend and go south...RE is northwards and let the bears stay back...


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      Re : Latest Trend: Builders Compete To Increase Prices

      Yes, Prices have to be increased, if the bubble need to burst, at the current prices where we have 7-15% are RTM or closer to completion and 95% are UC Bubble would not burst. Because End user have very lesser choice.
      However, when Prices would increase, builders would have more money to complete there existing projects, and then end user would come to market, and when End user will have many choices, then you would see End user is so confused and not choosing anything at all. Subsequently, you would analyse and find out, the price range End user is looking forward is not available, anymore in market. Hence, many investors will either become End users, and New Investors would become long time Investor....and So on, until Inventory evaporates.


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?