Hi All,

Now situation around the world is not that rosy.

If most of the people expects that the RE prices are about to crash then i think that crash will have severe impact in the area near BIAL as compared to Bang-East Whitefield area.

So which is better to invest now?
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  • Frankly, if the view on investment is 2 yrs, then don't invest in RE.

    Better invest in stocks.

    Elections, Recessions are temporary events they even out in long terms. You can use them for your andvantage while buying when the price dips but not for evaluation on returns.

    If you wish to invest in RE, then have a long term view of min 5 to 10 yrs otherwise its not worth the hassle.

    The real factor of increase in the price of RE is Location & how soon the society develops around your flat or land. If it remains a barren area price will not increase, if it has factors which will make people start living around there then it will increase faster so better returns.