The most important challenge an investor faces while investing in a property development is the Risk v/s ROI assessment.
In order to do this it is important for us understand that all "STANDARD" property developments go through a broad category of VI Phases:

Phase I: Pre-launch: a period when the developer has just finalized the plans of the project and obtained or in process of obtaining all required clearances.

Phase II: Launch: The developer sets up a site office / may have a Bhoomi Pooja / and the site work commences with excavation and foundation laying and the rise of structure.

Phase III: Work in progress: The structure comes up along with the walls

Phase IV: Plastering & Interiors work begin like tiling / Bathroom work / Electrical fittings etc

Phase V : Landscaping / Club House & Other Facilities start coming up

Phase VI: Possession & Registration (RTM)

Depending on availability one can enter the project in any Stage.

It is important to note that the earlier you enter the project greater is the ROI and also higher is the Risk. Average pre-launch rate can be expected to be between 40 to 60% of RTM !

You can always further minimize the "Risk" factor by selecting a property of a reputed developer.
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  • Suggest some projects also which is available at 40-60% price of RTM you are aware prelaunch stage.
  • krishna2: which are in Bangalore are you considering?
  • Suggest any area in bangalore.60% cheaper means RTM rate is Rs 4000 & prelaunch price is Rs 1600.i can't find any such genuine deals.
  • Suggest some properties in sarjapur or white field which are currently in work in progress state..
  • Would like to know myself, any such deals where the pre launch is expected to be 40-60% lesser than the future RTM price. Same areas as above, or rather any 'decent' area in Bangalore/.
  • Hi

    eg: Godrej ecity pre launch was at Rs 2999 psft on 4-10-12 today already in 10 weeks booking IInd at Rs 3500 even before any work has commenced. One more phase to be launched later. Delivery in in mid 2015 and by then can be expected to be around 5500 to 6000 psft at the time of delivery.

    Similarly you will find the case to be with Prestige Casa Bella, Prestige misty waters, Godrej Gold county, Or any earlier good developer project!
  • Again the question arises, do we really believe that the prices in those areas will actually rise to 5500 - 6000 psft? Of course you could site multiple examples like above, where the prices have actually shot up. But again my next question (not being really cynical) is that are there buyers in the market also available ? or is it just a hoax? I may understand and agree prices do go up, but again they could also be inflated by the brokers/ dealers. Do any deals even happen at the rates of 5500 - 6000 psft once they are open for Reg?

    Probably you would sense the thoughts in my head, which are the same for any one else, a question like - How sure can someone be to be sure enough?
  • Well to be honest only time will tell!
    However economies are driven by self instinct for survival and the economies which are now under pressure namely the US & Europe will obviate the flow of funds into developing economies of BRIC countries among which India stands out due to its democratic setup!
  • True - I have been roaming around on Sarjapur Road and ORR area, my brother's flat is the live example. It was booked at 1200-1400 psft in 2005 I believe. Today I think it can fetch more than 3500 psft as its right behind Salarpuria Tech park.

    How ever I still can't epect 5500-6000 rates for this flat. May be in the future I can.
    I also agree with the value of rupee fluctuating and the markets in US driving the IT city Bangalore, if all being well, prices may surely go up.