I am planning to book an flat at Horamavu. It's a G+4 50 flat apartment building on 1 acre 10 guntas land. The builder mentioned they are planning to have the Gym and Party hall in the terrace, Does this tantamount to deviation?

The builder has completed many projects in Bangalore, he claims they are a 0% deviation builders.They have obtained the commencement certificate, and also states he will provide the completion certificate that will be issued by BBMP. He states they have another project in Indira Nagar where this is how they have constructed and obtained commencement\completion certificate from BBMP. He adds, Gym and party hall in terrace is not deviation as it is not being sold or rented, however, it appears that the BBMP sanction did not have this as part of the plan. As far other deviation elements, i can see no deviation at all, there is a clear set back of 16ft on all four sides.

Also, to add, about 45 flats are sold out, and the project is approved by LIC,SBI, HDFC and Axis bank.

Please suggest,I want to get a clean and hassle free project. Should i proceed? Is it a deviation that i need to worry about?

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  • Anyone?
  • who is the builder and what is the cost of the apartment ? Please do share...
  • To be frank , if the construction violates FAR and approved Built up area approved , its a violation. you wont get OC.
    even individual flat owners as entire construction turns illegal.

    now if he can make those amenities with out violating FAR and approved Built up area, it may work out..

    eg open air party hall with sheet on top , etc..
  • no even temporary structures with sheets got removed in Koramangala area last year, it will violate in terms of height.
  • This has been answered sufficiently, but just add to it.
    It doesn't matter whether the deviation is in the form of additional floor consisting apartments or it is Gym/Party hall. Only thing that matters is FAR. So in this case, even Gym and party hall is illegal.

    From what i understand from your first post, the builder is planning to have this in the future. That explains why SBI and the likes are giving loan on this property. As of now the property appears to be legal.

    If you really like everything about the project and this is the only nagging point, I would personally go with this project.
  • The only way the builder can keep his promise (as far as i can think) is if he gets the OC and then constructs the gym and party hall on the terrace. It will however remain a deviation for all intents and purposes.