For lot of people there is always dilemma whether to go for bigger apt complex (PSN,BM etc..) or smaller apt complex(less than 100-200 ) for various reasons.
Can we put some thoughts on pros and cons on this topic which will help some confused minds like me :-)

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  • 2 Basic questions before buying anywhere:
    1) Is the flat affordable?
    2) Do you like the layout of the flat ?

    By answering these 2 questions yourself, some of ur confusion will clear out.
  • Hi
    I will consider a complex of above 24 apartments as mid size. Hence there may not be a significant difference between a 100-200 apartments and larger size in terms of facilities but definitely good larger complexes will provide more breathing spaces and also make it more financially and socially more stronger to represent and resolve any issues with especially while dealing with external governing bodies.