Has anybody invested in Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody by Total Environment located at Whitefiled, Bangalore? Any idea on the price now ?

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  • Any information on above is highly appreciated.

    Any feedback on the Builder - TE and their earlier project "Windmills of your Mind" is also highly appreciated.

  • Wow!
    150 Views & not even 1 reply.

    I am sure that someone out there has some valuable information, that if shared would be valuable to a lot of us.

    Thanks in advance
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  • Thanks Kautilya. I have viewed these already. They look very good. (Mktg material). Do you know the price being offered now for an apartment ?
    Have you had a chance to see their existing project ? If so, any feedback. I am not in India currently, so cannot have a physical visit.
  • We had considered Pursuit of radical..... The location is really good, though I am not very sure about the pricing. It is way too expensive and not sure how much more it will appreciate in the future. But TE is very reputed and an excellent company to deal with.

    We finally ended up buying a 4 bhk(3122 sqft) in prestige shantiniketan. The price is slightly cheaper and we found it to be an awesome community.
    • lokeshviswa2 years ago
      I have heard many friends of mine saying it to be expensive but happy to know that the location is great. Thanks for the post
  • Thanks Sumanamine.

    What was the final price offer that you had received ?

    I had read that PSN had water issues. Has that been resolved now ?
  • There are water issues everywhere in b'lore. But PSN ow has cauvery water and water flowing in beautifully:)
  • Can you please let me know the final offered rate in PoARR ? Thanks
  • Originally Posted by sreddi
    Can you please let me know the final offered rate in PoARR ? Thanks

    Got to know from a friend who is senior architect in TE that the current rate is around 1.5 cr for a 3BHK.

    TE is very niche player in a niche market which caters mainly to quality conscious customers.

    They give you option of 100+ customizations for your home and the quality of end product is marvellous. No builder go into that much minute details.

    I also looked for the project but it was a bit more expensive than i could have afforded. If affordability is not the issue then i would have gone for this project in Blore East area.

    Investment wise it may not give you that much returns but quality wise you wont find anything better than this.

    All the best.
  • Thanks Gaurav. The cost is beyond my budget too. :-)

    However, what are your thoughts on a long term perspective, say 10+ years or so. Do you think over the long term, the resale value might increase due to the Quality of the apartments etc.,. Basically, do you think that evenif the initial cost is higher than existing rates in that area, over the long term it might balance out, due to better quality ?
  • As highlighted, TE is supposedly a highly reputable builder and I have had recommendations for this company from a friend of mine working in Mumbai in a PE (in terms of buying a house, not equity). However, with the base price being so high and with the assumption that interest costs will need to be added up for home loan, the gains may be miniscule/non-existent. The reason purely being that builders like TE play up to customers with a specific mindset so the possibility you will have people willing to pay a premium over even Shobha/Prestige etc in the future is doubtable.
  • This is what I feel about going for a TE project: You need to be uber rich and have a panache for quality and beauty. Their houses are masterpieces (in my opinion) and one should go for it only if you intend to live in and enjoy it. If I had that kind of money I would have owned one by now. :)
  • Agreed milestone & Priyanoop!

    I have also heard from another source, that out of the available units in the 1st phase, less than 15-20% are still available. Meaning, as of now, plenty of people in BLR are putting their money on this Project.

    Would appreciate if anyone has any latest update on this, for information purpose. :-)
  • I think the term "putting their money on" has an investment connotation which may not be the correct reflection of those who have bought into the project. Yes, there would be investors but I would like to believe most of them have bought it for end use with no regards to potential gains which can be realized. As mentioned by other folks, if one has the moolah, it is a worthwhile home to buy but if one has a need to re-sell then gains are not necessarily a foregone conclusion. Clearly, a lot of people in Bangalore would like to live in a house like this and I like with their mindset.
  • Totally agree with every one's view here.

    The cost is high but the quality is also very high.

    You can say that one can buy a Home and not an apartment in PORR.

    I would love to own such a home in future.

    Another interesting side: this 1.5 cr flat will also grow with time. Let's say if Sobha Habitech or Prestige Park View 3BHK is currently 95 lac to 1 cr.The difference today is 50 lacs, In 5 yrs the difference will also be 50 lac of 60-70 lacs.

    So in terms of % returns, it will be more as the initial investment is also high.

    Also one will not want to rent such a masterpiece after paying 1.5 cr. So buy only for end use.