I'm planning to buy an apartment in bangalore, recently got the news of royale gardens. has anyone bought or booked in this project.

I found a review which was useful
Prestige Royale Gardens

please let me know your thoughts or suggestions..

thanks in advance
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  • Thanks Pollo
  • There are much better reviews and fair debates and comments in the link https://www.indianrealestateforum.com/forum/city-forums/bangalore-real-estate/46016-prestige-royale-gardens-prestige-group-yelahanka-north-bangalore?t=47783

    Please use that for your future discussions.
  • Basic questions


    My name is Major Jonathan Benjamin and I am planning on booking a 1 BHK (602 Sqft) apartment.

    I have some very basic questions regarding this project, and would be very grateful if they could be answered by anyone.

    1. Regarding the Payment Schedule - I have been given a schedule indicating 21 x installments of Rs. 1,00,616 each, spaced out evenly in 2 month intervals. Is this the standard payment schedule. I have usually seen "construction linked schedules" and this makes no mention of any link to the construction. Moreover, this doesn't seem like a "flexi" plan either.

    2. I met some people at the construction site (02 executives with Business cards of the Prestige Group). Are they from the group, or have these towers been UNDER-WRITTEN (and the executives from the underwriting agencies - dealers etc)? Or is it that Prestige Group deals directly with the customers?

    3. Would they be willing to provide the requisite loan documents (as I plan to take a loan from the Army) before the launch? In case not, would they be willing to allow a delay of about 2-3 weeks in payment of the first installment, so as to allow for processing of my loan?

    4. Regarding the schedule again, would it be feasible for the schedule to be broken into only FOUR installments (again a requirement of my loan-provider) rather than 21 installments - by clubbing together installements?

    5. How come the amount to be paid at possession is only Rs. 6,037/-? Isn't that installment usually in the range of about 7-10% of the total amount?

    6. There is no mention of overheads such as IFMS, Lease Rent (in amount) etc? Where can these details be acquired?

    7. How DOES ONE SELECT A PARTICULAR APARTMENT in the BOOKING FORM? And how is one guaranteed allotment of it?

    Thank you very much for your time.