As per today TOI adv, integrated township with 2500 Apts in Chandapura - Anekal Road..The site is not working properly and unable to find the exact location.

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  • Their location is some place called Bidaregere. It's very farand in the map it's close to Hosur Border. Anyways Nothing has been mentioned about approvals by them and who's approved it in their website.
  • This is on the attibele-anekal road
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  • The only reason I'm posting is that several middle-class people would be putting their hard-earned money in this project (attracted by the marketing gimmicks and the price).

    Did any of you do any research on the background of the management - they were the same management behind another vanishing company called Ginzer Infrastructure, prior to that another shell company called Synergy One. There is some clues in the common projects of Synergy One and Ginzer.

    The only concrete project of this vanishing management is something called Woodsville, a villa project whose buyers still haven't received anything for their money. The shell company - Synergy One was bought by another company called Citrus. No one knows the current fate of any of these projects. In between, Synergy One (and the next avatar of the shell company) had tied up with NSB builders.

    If you still want to put your hard-earned money, please go ahead but you've been warned.

    I wouldn't have posted this, if this was another luxury project with 1C+ houses. The only reason I'm posting this background data is because all the people attracted by this pricing will be ordinary people who'll put in their life savings expecting something and may get nothing.