How important is vaastu while choosing any flat.
These days every builder is writing a word called vaastu complaint in their brochures.
Is it only for good ventilation or do the problems which people will be talking in vaastu threads really come.
Not sure but heard that after collapse of world trade towers,they have consulted one of the famous vaastu consultant from india before building new towers.

just want to know views of experts.
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  • Better to follow vaastu while choosing a flat. Not that you believe in vaastu, your successors might follow it or if you plan to resell the house, buyer might look for it.
  • Even, i would suggest better to follow Vaastu , while buying real estate either for Investment or personal use.
    I would keep aside the logical reasons aside & think it as "when in Rome, be a Roman"

    Because, in future, if we want to sell/rent out apmt/site/home, the buyer might consider it & pay us good rate.
    It is my commercial reason to buy Vaastu properties.
  • Diplomatic answers :)
  • Can any project said to be complete units vastu compliant? I guess no. Then who is buying those units which are not vastu compliant?

    I believe people are getting more mature with time and value all aspect in totality.
  • The beliefs have always been it is upto us on what we consider is important. In our family all are vastu followers and strongly believe that it affects finances, health etc. Its always better to buy vastu compliance. I know most of the projects claim to be designed by international architects so looking project with vastu compliance would make the job even more tougher atleast the basic vastu would do. Goodluck with your search....
  • is vaastu practiced in anywhere outside india