In Bangalore, When does the registration of a new apartment or flat take place. Does it happen only at the time of possession of the flat or at the time of booking the flat.

Please give me some clarification on this.

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  • It should happen when the flat is ready for posession. However there should be some document/reciept available with you at the time of booking.
  • Hi
    Yes Sale Deed Registration takes place on possession. However in the initial stages "Agreement to sell" and "Agreement for Construction" can be registered to give a more meaningful significance to you purchase.
  • Dear All,

    I also have the same question. I am residing in Dubai. I have booked a flat at JP Nagar 5th Phase. I've paid 20% of the flat value already to the builder. Will i be able to register the flat now or only after the completion of the flat which is March 2014 and full payment of money. Requesting your kind advise as i need to make a trip to Bangalore early next week.


  • Hi,

    Registration usually happens,
    1) At the time of possesion, after full payment.
    2) Or before possesion, with full payment.

    Either way, builder do the registration only after full payment.
    so, it will be a fair deal to Builder/customer to Register after Possesion with full payment.

    Prior to that, sale agreements will be in place to ensure Legal transaction.
  • Hello Sir,

    Many Thanks for your quick reply and info.

    One more thing. Will this sale deed be registered or stamped by any govt. authority in Bangalore. I mean how can we justify if this sale deed is valid and authentic.

    Thanks once again

  • For an apartment; Registration can be done when you have an apartment (with minimum living condition as per govt rule) . For a new building/1st registration; builder has to declare that the property is ready/good to use (or any other proof one can provide to authority)

    Sale deed is nothing but an agreement between buyer/seller with property details registered in registrar office by paying charges and tax.
    I am not sure what do you mean by sale deed valid/authentic?
  • Hi Guys,

    after seeing all the above comments from different user, i want to tell you one info.

    one of my Cousin, Flat Registration taken place when just 70% work was completed.

    If i am not wrong, There is no Rule saying that, Flat Registration should happen just before Possession or 100% completion of project.

    My cousin registered his flat on August 3rd just to avoid hike in Govt Guidance value, to reduce reg cost . At that time, Tiles work, Toilet work, plumbing work, Amenities nothing was done by builder.

    My Cousin just requested the builder to come for Registration, builder arranged well in place and done the registration. Possession of that Flat is from January-2014.

    I don't want to name Builder and Project. But registration office is in Begur Road, Bommanahalli :)

  • 4madsun4,

    Did your cousin have to pay the whole sale consideration to the builder before registeration? Usually builders insist on this and this is a risk for the buyer.
  • Partially you are right. but we had clause which describes about Possession and other Finishing tasks.

    Also Bank authorities have to give approval about that factors of Registration. AS per my knowledge , 5% is pending to settle to builder which has to come from Bank which mean unclaimed Loan amount.

    After this Registration, Possession Ceritificate has to be issue by builder to Buyer.. that is also described in that SaleDeed.

    In a Single stmts if we want to say to world , " Convince all and Trust the process."

    Along with my cousin, almost 5+ flat owner were in queue on the same day.

    I heard from a Subregistrater office Staff, After August5th Govt Guidance values are getting increased by 38% (min) depends on Area. To avoid this hilke , My cousin took small bit of risk to save 60~70 thousands in Reg-cost.