Please suggest regarding the Pros and Cons in buying a flat in Huge apartments (100 to 1000 units) and small apartments ( < 50 units)
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  • Amenities on one side and less price on other side,it all depends on individuals choice and preference.
  • Always go for small blocks

    Simple logic - Water scarcity

    Between I made mistake of buying in a bigger one
  • ok....i am in very big confusion regarding the apartment size choice. I am always thinking about, what i am loosing, if i go for smaller ones..
  • Small apartments:
    1. Less price (not always though)
    2. Less prone to water scarcity
    3. Location benefits

    1. Less in Amenities (not always though)
    2. If problem comes, responsibility will on less number of shoulders
    3. Re-Sale might be a problem
    4. Not much moving space for kids, at least

    Big apartments
    Flip the above said pros and cons of the Small apartments.

    If a small apartment in a good layout having parks, less water problem and commercial establishments. I will always prefer for it.
    And taking a call on which one to go, always depends on personal taste, which varies from one person to another.
  • A major decision factor is your personal choice. I don't like these big apartment complexes. So I preferred a small one. Fortunately I got one (8 flats in the building). There are nothing except lift and car parking. But I have 2 parks including one children's park in less than 50 meters.
  • water problem will arise if a big complex comes nearby. Tankers will go to the big one because of big business and you will be running after them. Ideal size is 100 to 250. Number is approx.