Today i have casually inquired price of Signia project in electronic city - It is 5000/sqft and i was shocked as it takes two more years to be ready.
Price of this project is 3000/sqft ,exactly one year back and may be much lower at initial stages.

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  • One of the following may be the reasons for that kind of rise:
    confidence or high sales or desperation to attract buyers or lots of cash to withstand.
  • Hmmm...when i visited the model flat it was 3500,i felt it was high that time :D
  • Higher affordability is one other factor that skyrocketed property prices in these cities. Average salaries have increased by at least 10 – 12% per annum during this period, aiding professionals invest on property.
  • Real estate mafia is in action

    As people know that, real estate is down in India. actually there are not many takers. However, Real estate mafia is in full action and making sure rates are NOT falling. I am not sure how long this will happen. But certainly not long. I think until election this will continue. If one can see congress is in power for 10 years and this is golden era. I hope definitely congress will not be in power and rates will come down
  • Ramesh,

    Its a trick being played out.

    Actually Signiaa is a sold out project, whatever few flats they have available they are looking to sell it once its RTM.

    But by quoting high price they are pushing their other e-ctiy project Summit which is still in pre-launch stage.
  • rajupilla, your diagnosis is correct.
    High rates are quoted but actual sales are not happening at those rates.
    All of us discussing the future of Hosur road might also have prompted this hike.
    One more thing, I certainly miss the verbal spat between you and oldguy.Where is he?
    I have watched your duel with kinjalchato where ramesh is also visible.Leave politics,it is for......