Bangalore infrastructure .........
Can any one compare the infrastructure facilities of Bangalore with similar cities internationally or even nationally... I see its very poor.

CITY Is expanding very fast but not the infrastructure is see Blr. is about 10-15 yrs behind in infra.

1. Transportation (Road and Rail network) - 2 out of 10

2. Drainage and storm water system 3 out of 10

3. Water facilities 4 out of 10

4. Government public facilities 3 out of 10

5. Electricity and street lighting 3 out of 10

6. Medical facilities 2 out of 10

7. Security 4 out of 10

8. Public awareness and interaction of Govt. 1 out 10

9. Communication system (telcom, internet etc.) 6 out 10 (bcz of private sector)

10. Govt. control on schools, hospitals, real estate & public utilities 2 out of 10
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  • NRI perspective

    I am an NRI and I really like Bangalore, but a lot of it's infrastructure is heading in reverse.

    The Metro development looks ugly and will spoil some beautiful parts of the city. I hope that the benefits in mass transportation and reduction in pollution do compensate.

    The inner city roads are getting worse and pedestrians are losing out in a big way - few pavements, lack of courtesy from vehicle drivers, hazardous to cross roads, low air quality. Let's see if enough traffic will move to the outer highways (when they are ready) to reverse this.

    Too many malls / franchises and price levels are as high as those in the UK. Despite this it looks likely that they will manage to push out small traders and that will be a long term loss for the city.

    For the quality, the cost of accomodation is definitely higher than in many of the big cities in Europe.