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Feedback on Renaissance Builders / Renaissance Woods project


Feedback on Renaissance Builders / Renaissance Woods project

Last updated: February 28 2014
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  • Feedback on Renaissance Builders / Renaissance Woods project


    I am investing for the first time in property in Bangalore and am interested in the Renaisance Woods development that is under construction at Jalahalli. The area looks green and serene as it overlooks the Forest, but is close enough to city conveniences.

    Any feedback on the Builder or the Property will be appreciated.

    The priorities ares own use and appreciation in that order.
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    Re : Feedback on Renaissance Builders / Renaissance Woods project

    Hi VeeRenu, I have also been to the site and interested in this project for me and my family's own living.

    I have been to the site and here are my thoughts. I liked the locality and the fact that there is a lot of greenery around. Since the forest behind the project belongs to the Air Force, there is very little chance that some construction would come up there. Their floor plans are good and the balconies are designed for privacy. However, each apartment shares one common wall, and each floor will have 8 apartments. The area is still under development and I am not sure how well connected will it be in future to the rest of the city.

    The only doubt I have is the Phase 2 of the Woods tower, it will be coming up next to Phase 1 and could make the area a little crowded.

    I am also looking for more information on this project, and about the quality of work of this builder. Please share any new information that you come across.


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      Re : Feedback on Renaissance Builders / Renaissance Woods project

      Hi Nitaph, My concerns are the dust and noise during construction of Phase 2 and the surrounding villas the biker intends to build.

      Another concern is on amenities. While the brochure carries information about a club house, there will be no such commitment in the sales agreement. The approval for the clubhouse has not yet been received. It is intended as a common clubhouse for Phase 2 and the surrounding villas that Renaissance hopes to build. When possession of the phase 1 apartments is handed over, the builder would not have even started on the clubhouse.

      Another factor is that the actual carpet area of the flats is small. For the carpet area being delivered, I would prefer less rooms. A more airy and open two bedroom would have been a better option.

      I have good feedback on the quality of work in previous projects that Renaissance has delivered, but hear that even by Indian standards where delay is a norm, they take a long time to complete projects.

      I don't mind the common wall with the neighbouring unit. I quite like the design that makes every unit a corner unit.

      All things considered, my main concerns are on the design which packs too many rooms into a small apartment and that if we buy based on amenities described like gym, etc, the amenities may never get delivered or may be delivered well into the future, if the remaining projects take off.

      I am not familiar with adequacy of water supply in this area. I hear they plan to have a borewell. Do you know about water quality at this site?


      Have any questions or thoughts about this?