Die for A class builders,read below story..SOBHA encroached a lake new bellandur and constructed apartments.Now BBBMP is demolishing it after giving OC.
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  • Originally Posted by mackind
    I pity the owners and the developers....As these govt workers (tahsildar) don't produce the order copy to the residents or to the developers as they would have the fear (owners and the developers would get a stay order from High Court). Also they are huge political pressure on them to get the buildings demolished to prove a certain point for their remarkable duty done.
    Off-late they was an incident were one of the tahsildar and his fellow partners were caught red handed in some bribe issue by some kannada news channel and this was later compromised by some political person which was not brought to the limelight of common people.
    As far as the politicians they have constructed commercial buildings on residential zone example (HSR Layout and Koramangala) also those properties are not registered under their names. There are few cases which are been pending against them in the High Court and has not moved any further from past 10 years

    U can pity on the buyers for their foolishness, but why pity on builders? 99.999% of the builders are cheaters and they always try to misguide the buyers. Only wise buyers can escape from these cheaters and sadly there are only 1% of the buyers do risk analysis and due diligence before buying, rest of the buyers get carried away by the reputation of the builders or overlook in order to buy in a hurry.
  • Originally Posted by realacres
    Why do people buy under-construction flats ?
    If people buy ready possession flats with OC/CC in place, almost 80% of issues will not be there. Wonder why buyers like to get feel of price appreciation without looking at rent amount + interest paid + service tax for under-constro projects, delayed possession & all the headache which comes for free.

    As "realacres" said, why do people go for under-construction flats and unapproved projects?
    It is known thing that most of the real-estate builders are cheaters. Why people are still innocent, ignorant and act greedy rather than taking cautious steps?

    Why can't people get the approved plans directly from the concerned authority and check for the deviations themselves. Why can't people check CDPs and get to know status of the land. At least consult a property lawyer in helping all these before making a decision.

    I still do not understand why people still buy unapproved apartments/plots, without required documents like OC?

    As long as people are there to buy illegal properties, so long the builders will be building illegally. Even though it is the responsibility of the government to regulate RE, in India government is not effective. Now, people have to take the responsibility, else keep cribbing about government and politicians.