Can I get information on what would be the ideal thickness for Exterior walls.

We are constructing a new house which is 3 storey and went on with 4 1/2 inches thick exterior walls on 9 inches beams or pillars. Heard that now a days carpenters or builders are going with 4.5 inches thick exterior walls.

Please share your thoughts on what could be the issues which would crop up going into future and how to avoid these issues.

Awaiting your replies
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  • 6" bricks should be min to what you should look for. Some use 4.5" for internal walls to have more carpet area. Don't compromise on external walls & yes, do get the bricks tested from certified lab like CIDC-CQRA so as to know the quality of it.
    Carpenters prefer this as you get more carpet area & builders use this as it saves cost, be it in bricks or the foundation work which is less due to lesser weight. And with more carpet area, builder can charge you more coz at the end of the day, the loading remains the same for particular builder, even if wall thickness is less.
  • Hi,

    As we have already constructed the external structure with 4.5 inch external wall(with 1.5 inch cement mortar making it 6 inch), there is no way we can go back. Can you suggest what would be the issues we could face and how severe it could be.

    Will the 5 inch thickness doesnt suffice considering the beams and pillars in place.
  • beams and pillars are good so can use but need to check with Civil engineer. Don't take free advise but invest 10/15K so can get right view.