I visited this property - Sipani Bliss in Chandapura, 1.5 KM from main Hosur road (if you go inside a village) or 4 KM if you take a nice 80 ft road...

It's just a few mins walk from Vakil Whispering Woods.. couple of engineering companies around..

BSP: 1942/sq.ft
Model flat built is quite good..

Apart from these, i do not see any human habitation in a radius of 2KM...
Should this be a good buy from an investment standpoint?
What do you think?
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  • Hi All,

    Even i'm interested in the Sipani property. Did anyone checked property related such as Sale Deed, Khata extract, Approval letter from Banks etc...?

  • the builder is good and i see the place developing in a couple of years
  • Hi,
    I visited the Sipani Bliss property this weekend. The model flat, floor plan all looks good. But construction is in early stages. Even though they state June 2015 as possession, upon querying they say June 2015 plus 6 months grace period.
    Further to add on, they say that Dec 2015 will be a guarantee possession date.

    Does anyone has idea whether Sipani holds good for these timelines and chances of deviating from these is high. ?

    one more point to consider is that we have enter through from the Upkar Spring Filed layout for Sipani bliss which is the shortest in terms of distance from main road(1.5 kms). will this road be open all the time or Upkar might some day block this?

  • Any idea how much per sqft are they quoting as of now? Has any appreciation been seen and what is the status of this project?
  • I booked a flat today. Rates are same as of now when they launched in March. Response seem to be decent. Has somebody started a owner's group online already?
  • Hi,

    Sipani group is reasonably a good developer, they have been able to deliver close to what they have promised.

    I have seen their properties in Kormanagala, they are very good. There is not even a single inch of deviation in the buildings.

    I had also visited their Hosur Road project, the finishing and the elevations are very good including their floor plans very well spaced out and the development is expected to be on par with a Grade A quality building, the only compromises in this project are likely to be the fittings provided in the units are sub-standard/ reasonably upto an affordable project standard.

    My other observations are location wise is good, the price quoted at INR 2,150/ sq. ft. is very reasonable and stands a good value.

    Also, they have under utilized their FSI, so every unit gets a higher undivided share of land and this will also give higher appreciation in the future.

    Further there is a proposal to widen the other side of the road to a 80 ft. wide road which eventually double the value in this project.

    I would recommend to all those who are looking for a budget apartment with good construction quality in a location that will see good traction henceforth.

  • Sipani bliss hosur road

    Dear Friends,

    I have booked a 1275 sqft 3 BHK flat last month. Very close to Hosur road and surrounded by residential layout. Decent approach road (via Upkar Springfields, via Neralur road).

    Comparing to many other properties near by, the quality of construction is at it's best. Pillars and slabs are done with quality redymix concrete and not local mix. The TMT rods used are of good brand and with right thickness. Though it is a rocky land, Basement starts from enough depth. I have seen builders compromise on basement depth if it is rocky land but it is not the case here. The centring work is of excellent quality to avoid any uneven concrete slab or pillars. Also compressed air treatment while filling concrete pillar to avoid voids and gaps in concrete. Visited to check the construction progress and good progress in last 1 month, I see qualified workers at work, also curing happening regularly. Said these factors, I'm sure about good construction quality.

    The land is owned by the builders themselves and owned by them for few years by now, construction is by their own. These two factors make them sell it for lesser price.

    I liked the sales persons friendly approach, I have had interactions with Mr. Gautham and Mr. Vamsi so far and others shall also be good. Everytime I visit there I get warm welcome and open talk by them on the progress and sales progress.

    Excellent value for money comparing to many nearby projects. Total cost of ownership anywhere nearby location is between Rs.3400/- to Rs.4000/- but in bliss it is less than Rs.3000/-

    The super market, sipani foundation hospital, narayana hirudayalaya staff hostel/old age home, adjoining upkar estate layout (few houses are already coming up) makes this property unique as many other property around is more isolated and not with minimal population required.

    Though they have APA approval for G+3 and BWSSB approval, Certain other approvals and bank project approval still underway and they are committed to get it soon.

    Since the property is priced low now comparing to the projects in the sorrounding, the appreciation will be good.

    While the property prices in north bangalore is hyped and at it's peak the price in Sipani Bliss is almost less by 30% to 40% comparing to North bangalore makes it best investment with higher future appreciation.

    1. Quality of construction and no frill builder
    2. Premium construction at the cost of budget home
    3. Development in sorrounding (super market, hospital, staff hostel, upkar layout)
    4. Approach road both in front and back, close to hosur road (just 1.3 KM) and Neralur bus stop.
    5. Excellent price and higher possibility for further appreciation
    6. BMRDA/APA, BWSSB approved, commitment to get other pending approvals.
    7. Own land and development by the builder that ensures low risk of future legal issues
    8. Excellent undivided land share (Around 45% of total super builtup area)
    9. All inclusive rate is Rs.2800/- sqft whereas the other properties costs anywhere around Rs.3400/- to Rs.4000/- with similar facilities.
    10.Highly professionally managed project (from construction to sales to post sale support)
    11.Openness and transparency
    12. There are good schools nearby and shopping place (D-Mart)
    13. Just around 9KM from the elevated toll road.
    14. Within BMRDA residential Zone as per master plan


    1. Current approval is only for G+3 and further approval yet to be obtained after conversion of rest of the land which is under process.
    2. Yet to be approved by Banks, in progress as per HDFC and ICICI where I checked directly with these banks shall be in place within next 1 or 2 weeks time.
    3. Basement wall is of stonewall and it should have been better if made with concrete
    4. No utility in the ground floor for 1275 sqft flats
    5. Covered by common wall by 1 or 2 sides
    6. Some more approvals yet to be obtained and there is commitment to get and share the same.
    7. As of first week of June-2014, The land documents were deposited with a bank and to be released by them. However it was mentioned in sale agreement and stated to get it back in few weeks time.
    8. As of first week of June-2014, The GPA with Sipani properties by Mrs.Sipani (the original land owner) was not registered and to be registered.

    Last but not the least, I'm not a marketing arm of Sipani for the good words about the projects above and just want to share the value I found :-) Though they have some incentives for introducing friends/family I'm not for that. I suggest you to directly talk to Vamsi/Gautham for further details.

    Best regards,
  • I visited the site today. The model flat looks good. I am thinking of booking a 2 BHK 875 sqft flat - the total price for it comes to ~25-26L (including covered car park and registration).

    Any update on whether the project has been approved now by SBI and other banks?
  • Hi Mohan,

    Your post has been been very informative. I have booked 2.5 BHK Sipani Bliss and was checking if there is any Sipani Bliss owners' group. I couldn't find anything and i think we need to create one which would be very helpful.

    Please ping / call me, need to clarify on certain things...Thanks

  • mokssony and others,

    thanks for the valuable feedback.
    Is bookings in Sipani bliss 1 closed?
    i want to buy flat in Sipani bliss2 incase 1 is closed. Will do a site visit with a knowledgeable friend and post my opinion soon.
    Thanks a ton.
  • Sipani has sent out emailers announcing Pre-launch offers for Phase-2. They are reasonably priced for the location IMHO.
  • Any one verified legal status of bliss Phase 2 project?
    Its a joint development project.
  • Originally Posted by Avinash84
    mokssony and others,

    thanks for the valuable feedback.
    Is bookings in Sipani bliss 1 closed?
    i want to buy flat in Sipani bliss2 incase 1 is closed. Will do a site visit with a knowledgeable friend and post my opinion soon.
    Thanks a ton.

    last week one 2bhk and few 3bhk were left. seems they are offering modular kitchen for phase 1 project now
  • Has anyone paid the 20% in the phase 2 and got the legal agreement signed. I checked with Mr Narayana and he mentioned me that the approvals is in progress and incase it does not happen they will refund the 20%@18% p.a. Are they legally liable for paying back in the agreement they are signing
  • Hi all,

    I too have similar questions as above as I too have booked a flat in phase 1.

    please do let me know if there is an online community to discuss all these doubts and queries.

    Thank you.