I visited this property - Sipani Bliss in Chandapura, 1.5 KM from main Hosur road (if you go inside a village) or 4 KM if you take a nice 80 ft road...

It's just a few mins walk from Vakil Whispering Woods.. couple of engineering companies around..

BSP: 1942/sq.ft
Model flat built is quite good..

Apart from these, i do not see any human habitation in a radius of 2KM...
Should this be a good buy from an investment standpoint?
What do you think?
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  • Some updates on registration of Sipani Bliss-1

    So far (I understand) there are 75 odd registrations have happened in Bliss-1. Another 50 odd are slated to be done by end of this month. Generally there is a bit of rush at all registration activities everywhere as there are rumors that govt guidance value for immovable properties will be hiked by 10-30% w.e.f April 1.

    If someone is in a position to register, make sure you get it done by end of this month.
  • Hi,
    Please include me in the mail group. I have purchased flat in Bliss 2.
  • Please add me in the mail group and whatsup. i have purchased flat in Bliss 2
    • get.shesha1 years ago
      Can you please add me to the group I have booked flat in Sipani
  • They have mortgaged the unsold flats in Bliss-1 with IIFL, the clearance will be provided as and when they get any prospective buyers.... There is no impact legally or illegally on the flats that they already sold. If you are looking to buy a flat in Bliss-1 do contact their marketing team. They will get all clearances required to go ahead.

  • Hello nvaidyan, can you PM with your email or contact no? Also, are you mentioning about Bliss1 or Bliss2? Can you let me know what you mean by end-user purposes? We already have about 50 families residing in Bliss-1. I am one of the admins of our Bliss-1 family whatsapp grp and can add you
    I would rather recommend you to make a visit and speak to those who are already residing to have a better understanding of the pros and cons.

  • Can you please add me in the email group and whatsup , I have flat in Sipani bliss -I
  • Dear All,

    I am new to chandapura, working in bommasandra & interested to buy a 2bhk.

    I am planning to buy a resale flat in sipani bliss, kindly advise the pros and cons of this society, especially about water,power,etc. ITS MY HUMBLE REQUEST.

    Also let me know basic facilities around this society.

    I will be greatful to you if you can give me other TOP3 options which are better than this society.

    Thanks and regards.