hi, i blocked a flat from a builder by paying him a 10 days post dated cheque for 1 lakh. The agreement was that the builder will send me the documents for verification and that he won't entertain any customers till this period. I got this suggestion from a friend of mine who had done the same thing, 10 days isn't a lot of time but it i was hoping i could get the first level of checks completed from a lawyer.

Its been 4 days now and the builder still finds an excuse every day for delaying the paperwork. Is this normal behavior, i'm seriously considering letting this deal go because if he's so tardy now what will happen if i actually go ahead and apply for the loan.

The apartment is about 90% complete. Only tiling and electrical fittings are left to be done which the builder says, that he's been doing it on flat to flat basis. The apartment complex has around 70 units and i've personally checked around 20 families in it already.

any advice is welcome.
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  • It is very common for the builder to accept a PD cheque against the papers given for verification, eventhough many gives free copies for the same. But you should have had these papers in hand (original) when you had issued a cheque. Dont get into any deal when the vendor is not co-operating.