There are lot of panchayat apartments g+3 coming in celebrity layout...with reg 28L for a 2bhk..and quality and finishing is also very nice.
Land is bda approved,but apartment is panchayat approved.

Will there any issues with panchayat approval ?..seems like very less price and few are of very good quality.
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  • experts comments plz ?
  • I am not an expert but still i can share one info which heard from a Lawyer..... Panchayat based properties will have differnet Rules compare to BBMP. Even i experienced process changes and legal changes between CMC and BBMP. OC or CC will not be appilicable.. khata representation is some what diffenent approval in structure etc.. Notwithstanding, one big struggle we have to face is, when BBMP or BDA is extending Layout/Boundry/Limit (Not finding correct word), Process of aligning to BBMP/BDA quota will have more alignment to do by CMC/Panchayat NOC, Changes in Property tag , New PID, Survey Number , Guntas Bifercation(Incase of UDS for Flat).. Etc.
  • so it is good to go with ? as there wont be extra prices other than basic sqft prices here...that why you will get a good quality for 28L(1000sqft*2700) and 1L for registration.

    And we can get a rent of 12k minimum and no extra maintenance charges every month and uds of land is also good.

    layout is bda approved.

  • According to me, Price wise and benefit wise.. it shud be a good deal for investment purpose... But consideration over new Realestate Bill, Anything my turn down/up . Why i m saying is, Like what happend to Shobha Garnet of Outer ring road,, even after having legal clearance/doc, still those property had dispute as per BBMP rules/regulation with Bellandur Lake ..
    Like this your panchayat board propety also may have some legal opinion in that scope..better to know all aspect from a experienced lawyer before proceedings....

    "LOOK before you LEAP"
  • One Simple Question RameshH:
    SBI is approving loan for Flat Owners ? Other way SBI Approved the project?

    Reason behind asking this, SBI Official accepts application only if it is A Khata. Straight forward my friend was sent out for B Khata property or illegal/improper doc.... (In Bangalore)
    May be khata/paper would be different context for Panchayat property, just curious to know , whether SBI deals with it or not !!!!
  • Good information get about Panchayat Apartment.

  • Canara bank is giving papers have been verified and clear.

    12k rent you get and maintenance only 500
  • OK good.. tell me the exact location of that Property..

    hw do u assure/predict Maintainance is 500/-.. whereever u live u need basic things to fulfill,

    Water,Security, housekeeping maintainance in apartment., Common EB...etc.... all inclusive 500/-? ...
  • in celebrity paradise layout....500 because of only 12 may change in summer..