General vastu rules are known to most home buyers, below are certain points which can be considered while investing/buying.

- General order of pref for directional facing is is (North-East, East, North, West and South). North-east is rare, East and North are most sought after, followed by west and south.
- People tend to avoid T-junction or road hitting properties.
- Property number that totals to 8 is least preferred. ex: 8,17,503, 2222 etc.
- I have seen the above two types, generally low priced even by the builder/developer.
- Plots that are opposite or very near temples, mosques,churches are not so favorite, so are properties near schools, hospitals, cemetery.

While all the above are purely misconceptions, it has a great impact while selling/reselling.

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  • I would say we need not blindly believe in vastu, but there is some science involved in it, it depends on the rotation direction of earth and also the positive and negative energy is dependent on this rotation direction
  • From my personal Experience, i have seen many properties from NON-Hindu based builders are least bother abt Vaastu and Numerology factors...
    one of my collegues flat's Kitchen is facing south which is not accepted for hindu(Who beleives Vaastu)...
    also from other builder , i could not find place or portion / slot for Pooja Room......
    also in some flat,, masterbedroom positions are not planned well for switches given ... had difficulty in aligning wood work ..
    By keeping all these negative factors, still some builders claim that , they are vaasthu complaint in their project.. :(
  • atleast to sell our flat in future you need vaastu...even world trade centre was checked with indian vaastu professionals after collapse